Monday, November 26, 2012

Store: Birkin Arlequin 30 CM

Limited Birkin Arlequin 30 CM- 6 colors

Size: 30 CM
Color: Ultra Violet, Etain, Blue Lin, Etoupe, Gold, Blue Oscure
Hardware: Palladium
Condition: Brand New
Leather: Clemence
Year: 2012 (P Stamp)
Price: $31,000.00

PS: HERMES starts to make Arlequin Birkin and Kelly- the combination of 6 colors. The design is inspired by the Arleguqin, in English, means Harlequin. The bag keeps the traditional HERMES humorous style. HERMES makes only two Combinations- The purple and blue tone, and orange and red tone. 

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