Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo: Ivana Trump carries a fake Hermes Birkin bag (or called jelly tote) while vacationing in St. Bart's

Birkin Police | Ivana Trump and her fake Birkin bag

Why does Ivana carry a fake Birkin bag?

A. She can't afford a real one.

B. She doesn't even know it is a fake Birkin bag.

C. She is seeking attentions.

D. Blame the bad economy. Even high socialites are downsizing. 

E. It doesn't need to carry a real one while on vacation.

F. She thought people won't think she would carry a fake bag.

Article | 4 Designer Classic Bags You Should Have… |

Are you considering getting a designer bag and don’t know which one to splurge on? I think I might help you with this dilemma!
Been a fashionista on a budget myself, I had to come up with a shopping-for-designer- handbags tactic. And after doing a little research, I found out that there are actually only 4 designer timeless classic bags we truly need:

1. Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy Bag

Louis Vuitton have never been more popular than they are right now. But believe it or not, Louis Vuitton Mongram Speedy Bags have been the “it” bags for over 50 years now…
The size of the bags varies from Speedy 25 to Speedy 40 and so does the price: $675.00 - $750.00, they are available in Louis Vuitton online store, but I am sure you will prefer to buy your LV in a Louis Vuitton boutique near you.

2. Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag

Awe… Chanel 2.55 is the queen of designer handbags… It’s so stylish, it’s breath-taking. They are twice as expensive as Louis Vuitton Speedies and they are too so worth the crazy price. These beautiful bags come in different colors and in 3 sizes - check out the size/price chart at the bottom of Chanel 2.55 - Pure Classic post.

3. Dior Black Quilted Patent Lady Dior Bag

Yet another stylish, timeless classic. This Dior bag looks stunning and it can be worn with anything, which makes it a fantastic choice for your designer bag collection. It comes with golden hardware as well, in case you are looking for something dressier.
For the price of $1800 you are getting one of the most fabulous bags out there. And by the way, the beautiful classic Lady Dior bag comes in white patent leather too for those hot summer days and vacations (sigh)…

4. Hermes Birkin Bag

This is the bag you have seen on the most stylish celebrities. Although this bag is definitely not my style, I can see why women want to shell out $6.000.00 - $15.000.00, depending on the material, for a bag like this.
Located in Paris, Hermes issues only 5 (!!!) Birkins a week - the waiting lists are endless, of course, and that’s what makes them even more desirable.
Want to learn more about Hermes Birkin bag? Check out the history of this legendary bag at

Well, Ladies, these are the 4 Most Stylish and Most Wanted Designer Bags in the world. Hope this must-have selection made your life easier!

Of course, some sources (like “The Little Black Book of Style”) suggest Gucci Jackie. O bag as yet another must-have classic, but I just did not think this particular bag was fabulous enough…

Celebrity | Heidi Montag

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Birkin Blog Announcement | Thank you!

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Article | In the Bag |

"It" bags may come and go, but an Hermès Birkin lasts forever. Any woman worth her Manolos knows that.

The handbag was named for haute-hippie actress Jane Birkin after a chance meeting with Hermès chairman Jean-Louis Dumas on an airplane in 1984. As the story goes, Birkin was rummaging through her basket-weave purse when it fell apart. Dumas assisted her in collecting the dropped items, they struck up a conversation, and—voilà!—shortly thereafter Dumas had the Birkin bag created as a token of friendship.

Derived from the Haut à Courroies, a style Hermès created in about 1900 to carry a saddle, the Birkin is almost completely customizable, so the $7,000 starting price can escalate to well past $100,000. Almost as famous as the bag is the waiting list the company tries not to let exceed five years. Each bag requires a single, flawless skin, rendering production wholly susceptible to the throes of Mother Nature. If there's a drought in New Zealand, as there was a few years ago, the availability of ostrich decreases drastically. It typically takes six months to two years to find an exotic skin for a bag. After that, the entirely by-hand construction of a Birkin requires 72 hours to two weeks to complete, limiting weekly output to two or three bags.

But apparently, it's well worth the wait.

1 Black crocodile Birkin handbag with 169.67 g of white gold and 10.86 carats of diamonds ($148,000)

2 Actress-singer Jane Birkin, for whom the bag was named

3 Martha Stewart proudly carries her Birkin on her way to court

4 Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of her television show, Sex and the City

5 Gwyneth Paltrow in the 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums

6 Victoria Beckham arrives at the Los Angeles airport

7 Lindsay Lohan shopping in Paris

8 Janet Jackson at a party in L.A.

9 Tennis star Anna Kournikova out and about in Hollywood

Celebrity | Ashley Olsen

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrity | Elle McPherson

Article The Pleasure of Having Authentic Hermes Birkin Bag by Hermes Birkin |

A Hermes Birkin bag is actually a fashion icon in the market today. Whenever people see you carrying one, people think you are already a star. The world actually sees you as the next fashion icon. Although, a Hermes Birkin bag really costs a lot, still the demand for this bag is still on its peak. It is actually considered as a luxury item in the market. Such Hermes bags or any Hermes bags are not sold online. These are sold at an auction website such as Eurohandbag. Sometimes, a customer can find a second-hand or used Hermes Birkin at a couture-consignment shop. These Hermes Birkin bag generally starts at a price of 7500USD, not including the sales tax. Sometimes, Hermes Birkin bags made of exotic animal skins can reach a price tag with five digits and sometimes they even have a six-digit price tag.

Because of the high price tag of every Hermes Birkin bag being sold, many bags from Hermes Birkin have been copied. Not only is the price tag the reason why imitators of Hermes Birkin are rampant, also a Hermes Birkin bag has a high profile. A significant amount of counterfeit Hermes Birkin bag are being produced and sold. Some are actually sold online. Eurohandbag asserts all customers that it only sells authentic, original, and genuine Hermes Birkin bag. Here are some measures wherein authenticity can be measured:
• Appropriate pricing – a Hermes Birkin in any side or any condition will never sell for less than 50 percent of its original value.
• Even stitching.
• Gilt or blind stamped in the front face under the tap with “Hermes Paris, made in France.”
• Craftsman’s marks and letter year of manufacture stamped in a square of right belt. The year when the bag was made has to be consistent with the history and condition of the bag.
• The zipper tag found in the interior leather zipper tag has to be parallel with zipper and not perpendicular.
• The weight and touch of fine leather are not easily duplicated.

The Birkin bag is a handbag manufactured by Hermes and is made of high quality leather. It is named after an actress-singer that was born in Great Britain named Jane Birkin. Jane Birkin resided in France for a long time. The maker of the Birkin bag was actually inspired by the ideal weekend leather bag that Birkin wants. Thus, after a few discussions with her, finally she was able to get her long-awaited weekend leather bag, named Hermes Birkin bag.

Because of the widespread news happening around the world, the demand for Hermes Birkin bag has finally reached its peak. Currently, many celebrities and people in high position from all over the world are a fan of this beautiful and fantastic creation of Hermes. Some of the noted clients of this bag are Sandra Bullock (actress), Mariah Carey (singer), Naomi Campbell (model), and Carla Bruni (first lady of France). Primarily, when we say these people are a fan of Hermes Birkin bag they don not only own one. They own multiples. Thus, we can say that this Hermes Birkin bag had really made a great hit in the market causing the demand to rise.

Having a Hermes Birkin bag is a fantastic feeling. People actually see you as an elite person. Remember that these bags are not sold online, but are sold only on stores such as Eurohandbag.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birkin Blog Poll Results | 09.02.17-09.02.24

What makes you purchase Birkin bags?

We have received 12 votes (Multiple Answers). The Results were:

Birkin bags are hard to get: 3 votes
Many celebrities own them: 2 votes
The design is elegant and permanent: 7 votes
There are many sizes, leathers, colors available: 1 vote
By carrying Birkin bags, I feel good: 3 votes
Birkin bags represent who I am: 3 votes
Others: 0 votes

Celebrity | Hilary Duff

Interviews | In Pursuit of Luxury: Robert Chavez, CEO of Hermès USA, Discusses Prestige, Handbags, and Counterfeiting |

Followers of the HBO series Sex in the City will remember the episode in which Samantha (Kim Catrall) went to absurd lengths to acquire a Hermès Birkin handbag. Samantha's over-the-top pursuit of the handbag could very easily serve as a proxy for the actual heights that legions of real handbag-obsessed women will climb in order to sink as little as $5,000 and as much as $80,000 into owning this bag. What is it about the rounded double handle, tiny metal feet, the fold-over top and the belt-like closure that wraps around the bag's body that drives women to endure the reported two-year waitlist? Well for one thing, the Hermès Birkin bag is the handbag equivalent of a Rolls-Royce or a dozen illicit Cuban cigars.
Harbus: Was the company surprised by the wild success of the Birkin Bag?

RC: Obviously we expected to have a good response to the bag, but we were surprised by the extent of the bag's popularity. I think one of the things that makes it so desirable is that it is very functional. Also, I think our clients appreciate the quality of the leather, the quality of the workmanship, and the beauty of the design. The bag was designed in house and inspired by Jane Birkin herself.

Harbus: Does product placement on television have an impact on sales?

RC: The results from a product being placed on a television show can be remarkable. It happened to Hermès a couple of years back when one of our bags was featured on an episode of Sex in the City. Part of the episode focused on the lengths one of the characters was going to in order to obtain our Birkin bag. Immediately after the show, our phones started ringing all across the country.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Article | "Third World Chic" of Vogue India |

In the August 2008 edition of Indian vogue, the magazine featured 16 pages of photographs of India’s poorest peasants - many of whom live on 65 pence a day according to figures released last week by the World Bank - sporting high-end items by Alexander McQueen, Fendi and Burberry as if it were part of their daily lives.

A family of three squeezes onto a motorbike for their daily commute, the mother riding without a helmet and sidesaddle in the traditional Indian way — except that she has a Hermès Birkin bag (usually more than $10,000, if you can find one) prominently displayed on her wrist.

Celebrity | Julianne Moore

Friday, February 20, 2009

Celebrity | Nicky Hilton

Article | Hermès |

Oprah gave us all the okay to return to Hermès.
She said it was all a misunderstanding and because one particular Parisian salesperson who was "rude and rigid"
I, for one, am so relieved that it's once again okay to shop at Hermès.
If that one experience has been her only encounter with a rude salesperson in Paris...that's a subject that deserves an entire episode! I've come across more than one or two Parisian salespeople I'd like to trap in a room for a good Dr. Phil-style slap-down...and I'd buy the DVD just to watch it over and over and over.

So anyways, she kissed and made up with Hermès and a rush of relief was visible in the studio audience when she told everyone to that they should rush off to Hermés to buy a Kelly bag. Since there's an 18-month waiting list for the more-expensive and elusive Birkin bag, I didn't want to waste another minute of time in getting on that list.
( I had a brief flashback of Martha toting a Hermès bag during her trial, which many felt didn't do her much good. Carrying a pricey Kelly bag many felt sealed her fate since it made her look 'elitist'. So if you see a made-for-tv movie about my life starring Cybil Shepard, blame Oprah.)

So I polished my shoes, paid off my Visa bill, and took the Métro to the fashionable rue du Faubourg St. Honoré to worship at the temple of sublime French style, Hermès.
...and I took a cue from Oprah: Don't be late!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kimora Lee Simmons

Article | In Victoria Beckham's Closet - Hermes |

Victoria is anything but a bag lady as she can afford all of these gorgeous Hermes Birkin bags in a rainbow of colours - at around £8,000 a EACH.

Reporters says she must have spent around £56,000 on the luscious bags. I reckon more....unless they were given to her.

The expensive price tag is down to its exclusivity - the waiting list for a special edition can be six years.

It suppose it is not enough that we have to envy Victoria for getting into bed with David Beckham every night. We now have to have Bag envy>

The bags range from the Orange Birkin, the Etoupe Birkin, the much admired Pink Ostrich Birkin, Etoupe Birkin, White Birkin, White Kelly with Orange piping, mini black Kelly, Blue Jean, Brown Ostrich Vintage Kelly, Shearling Kelly, Rouge Box Kelly, Tri colour Vintage Kelly, Vert Anis Birkin....phew!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Celebrity | ZiYi Zhang

Article | Socialites warned of fake trap |

The titans of the luxury business have a message for Sydney socialites such as Lady Sonia McMahon, who was recently photographed at a social function carrying a fake Hermes Birkin bag: that steal could cost you more than the real thing.

Should Lady Sonia ever take her fake Birkin to France, whose intellectual property laws are rigorously enforced, Australia's former first lady could find herself detained at the airport, taken to the police station and fined thousands of dollars. Anyone who is considered part of a larger operation could go to jail.

Lady McMahon is part of a growing contingent of affluent consumers purchasing luxury fakes, according to Hermes executive vice-president in charge of international affairs, Christian Blanckaert.

"I think it's very impolite," Mr Blanckaert said in Hong Kong yesterday. "[Lady McMahon] shouldn't do that. Her husband was a prime minister."

Blanckaert was in Hong Kong attending "Luxury 2004: The Lure of Asia", the fourth annual luxury conference convened by the International Herald Tribune. The subject of counterfeiting was front-of-mind of nearly all 30 speakers who included a who's who of the luxury industry and Hong Kong's chief executive, Tung Chee-hwa.

Mr Tung opened proceedings by telling the 1000 delegates that Hong Kong took intellectual property very seriously and was working hard to battle breaches.

But with street vendors and legitimate boutiques around Hong Kong's fashionable shopping district of Causeway Bay stacked with fakes, Mr Tung clearly isn't doing enough.

At $HK14,000 ($2300) apiece for the two Louis Vuitton bags that the Herald spotted in one window, they are not giving these fakes away.

The global law firm Baker & McKenzie's international partner, Tan Loke-Khoon, told the conference that he often had to take his clients with him to ID the contraband seized during raids. He said this was necessary because the quality was of such a high standard.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Celebrity | Pamela Anderson

Article | Hermes Birkin Bag 101 |

The Birkin bag was born in 1985 when Hermes offered to make a bag for British-born actress Jane Birkin to accommodate her belongings after an executive witnessed her possessions spilling out of her bag on an airline flight. The design was based on an already existing bag, the Haut A Courroies, or HAC, which was originally designed as a bag for riding boots, befitting the company’s saddlery heritage, and is still offered by Hermes.The Birkin bag comes in 5 sizes, all referring to the measurement of the length of the base of the bag in centimeters (25, 30, 35, 40, 45). There are 5 choices of hardware: 24Kt. gold-plate, silver palladium, brushed silver palladium, ruthenium and guilloche. The color and leather choices are nearly endless. They begin at about $7,000 and can easily go above $150,0000 (this will get you a 35cm crocodile Birkin with diamonds on the front clasp). The prices go up each year. While this amounts to a large number of ways one might personalize their bag (with or without diamonds, etc.), a Birkin is one of the most recognizable and least unique talismans of a luxe life thanks to a “Sex And The City” episode, as well as every starlette on the rise sporting one in Hollywood.

The latest chapter in this bag’s celebrated and coveted existence is that its namesake has forsaken it. Ms. Birkin has accused the very sturdy and heavy leather tote of giving her tendonitis and now prefers to carry a very pared down collection of essentials in a Sporran (a small leather or fur pouch typically worn by the Scots with a kilt).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Article | My hols: Jane Birkin |

When I travel, I lug everything with me in a big bulky case that’s covered with stickers of all the causes I believe in, and I also take my Birkin bag everywhere. I actually designed the bag on an aeroplane, sitting next to Mr Dumas-Hermès. He made it for me and asked if he could commercialise it, given that it was such a beautiful bag, and I felt proud. Afterwards, it became an enormous success, and people started to say things to me like, “Oh, you’re Birkin, like the bag?” which was annoying.

Now, I auction off my Birkin every year and give the proceeds to charity. I’m glad Hermès lets me donate my bags to a worthy cause. The last one went for £40,000.’

Celebrity | Victoria Beckham, Dita Von Teese

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photo | New York Fashion Week

Article | Style Guy: Accessories |

Q: I recently got a Hermès Birkin bag from my mother, and I carry it to class and when I go shopping. I know it is a purse, but give me a break: It’s a Birkin. Is that okay? I have never been one to follow traditional style, and hey, I love bags!

A: Is it okay? It’s okay with me if you wear the whole Hermès spring line for women, and apparently it’d be cool with your mother, too. But there’s no way a Birkin is going to pass as a men’s accessory, even if you stick trout flies on it. Best-case scenario: You’re the best-dressed drag queen in your class. My advice is this: You can probably get a few grand for Mom’s Birkin on eBay. Convert it to a nice Hermès briefcase and you’ll have enough money left over to get your legs waxed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birkin Blog Says | Tri-Color Birkin

Even though I am a Birkin addict, I can not convince myself to love the Tri-Color Birkins (shown above). The colors might be brilliant. The bag might look better in real. I just can't fall in love with this one. 

What do you think?

Celebrity | Jane Birkin

Monday, February 9, 2009

Birkin Blog Poll Results | 09.02.08-09.02.15

How do you carry your Birkin bags?

We have received 10 votes. The Results were:

Handcarry Left Hand: 1 vote
Handcarry right Hand: 1 vote
Elbowcarry left elbow: 4 votes
Elbowcarry right elbow: 4 votes
Otheres: 0 votes

Article | It’s in the bag, the Birkin one that is |

My name is Oline, and I am a bag lady.
I admit to an addiction I cannot seem to break.
OK, two additions. Oh, all right...more than that.
But let’s just mention two addictions for now.
One is dark chocolate, the higher the percentage the better. (You fellow addicts know what I’m talking about.) You won’t find candy bars that come from a vending machine in my desk. You will find luscious dark chocolate bars and bits, some as high as 85%.
The other addition is purses. Handbags. Pocketbooks. Whatever you want to call them.
I love them.
Big ones, small ones; frames, clutches, shoulder, satchel, shoppers. Whatever. I am so there with them.
For me, a new month requires a new bag. For that matter, so does a new week and, if I am in the mood, a new day.
I have been known to change purses three times in a day if the occasion calls for it. (And yes, the occasions have called for it!)
So how does all this relate to books?
Michael Tonello’s book Bringing Home the Birkin: My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World’s Most Coveted Handbag recently crossed my desk. (That's him up on the right)
Actually, it crossed my desk via my colleague Gail Gedan Spencer, she of The Skinny and an admitted bag lady herself.
“You should blog about this,” she said gleefully. “It has two things you – books and purses.”
The book looks like a lot of fun. It’s described as how the author unlocked the “fabled waiting list of more than two years to buy one from Hermès” and became one of eBay’s most successful entrepreneurs.
Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review stating it was "Funny, whip-smart. . . . Both a hilarious raid on fashion’s strongholds and a memoir that satisfies like a novel. Fashion die-hards, and many others, will be delighted from beginning to end."
The book does sounds delightful, but it still won’t make me change my mind about the Birkin, which I consider to be a piece of fraud perpetuated on purse fanatics and more famous for who carries it and the controversy surrounding it than being a cool bag.
(It was introduced in 1984 and named after the British film actress/activist Jane Birkin, (right) either for whom it was designed or who designed it, depending on the different sources, web sites and madeup online encyclopedias.)
The Birkin is one expensive bag. Most start at around $6,000. According to lore, the most expensive version is $85,000 and is made of crocodile and has solid gold closures that are adorned with diamonds.
That’s right.
That’s one purse.
And it’s not even pretty. Look for yourself!
Martha Stewart (top) caused a bit of a stir when she carried two to her trial.
The Birkin starred in an episode of Sex and the City when Kim Cattrall’s character, desperate after waiting years for one, lied that she needed one for her client, actress Lucy Liu.
Alexis Bledel’s character Rory received one from her too wealthy boyfriend on The Gilmore Girls.
As for me, I think that any purse that costs more than a car is a ridiculous price. Especially since it pales when compared to really pretty purses.

The Birkin or the book...The book is a better value.

Celebrity | Olivia Palermo | MTV

Friday, February 6, 2009

Birkin Blog Says | Marc Jacobs' Birkin Bag

Last month I wrote an article about why I have stopped buying Louis Vuitton bags. People who love Louis Vuitton bags do not seem to be convinced. After seeing this photo, you should be all convinced. Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton's head designer, who also designs his own lines of handbags carries a Birkin bag himself. What does that tell us about LOUIS VUITTON bags?

Should we say more?

Celebrity | Star Jones

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birkin Dos and Don'ts | No Smoking!

There are some websites allowing you to post photos about your handbags and the contents inside them. This picture caught my attention. A pack of red Marlboro? This goes way up to our Birkin Don'ts list.

Celebrity | Debra Messing

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Video | Rachel Zoe Project | Bravo

One of Rachel's really bad habits is shopping but in a store like this, can you blame her?
In the latest installment of The Rachel Zoe Project, she visits the fabulous mecca of vintage in L.A., Decades, and engages in mindbogglingly fabulous shopping: a gorgeous vintage Balmain red carpet dress, a Chanel necklace, and a chocolate brown Birkin...and provides possibly the best argument ever, should you find yourself trying to justify a splurge, or perhaps, your third Birkin:

Rachel's assistant (and voice of reason) Taylor: Roger (Zoe's husband/business manager) is going say you don't need a third Birkin bag.
Rachel Zoe: But I collect them!
Taylor: You collect don't collect Birkins.
Rachel: But to me, they're art!

Click Here to view the video. The clip is 2'49". Sorry I was not able to link the original video to this blog.


Jane Birkin, 1960s chanteuse and style icon, has ditched the Hermes bag that is her namesake in favor of the traditional Scottish fanny pack known as a sporran. While promoting her new album, "Fictions," Birkin told, "That bloody (Birkin bag). I told Hermes they were mad to make it. My one was always full and it ended up giving me tendinitis."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Article | Birkin Bag vs Kelly Bag |

As if this were a real debate, which of these two iconic bags would I choose? Kelly or Birkin? My husband’s vote is for neither, as he claims, the cost of either bag is more than the gross national product of a small Central American country. But for today I can weigh the options and daydream!

While both bags exude money (old, new, discreet, flashy), each signals to the world, or at least to an international pack of fashionistas, a very different style. For the uninitiated, these bags, which start at about $7,000 (£3000) and can top $25,000 (£12,000) depending on hide and hue, are named for a duo of beautiful women.

The Kelly Bag:
Philadelphia-born Grace Kelly had been wed less than a year to Prince Rainier of Monaco when she deftly obscured her royal pregnancy with a structured, crocodile Hermes purse on a 1956 Life magazine cover.

The Birkin Bag:
By contrast, it was during a 1981 airplane flight that the British-born actress-singer Jane Birkin's overstuffed purse spilled in the vicinity of Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermes. Three years later, the firm introduced a bag for Birkin's more bohemian lifestyle based on an 1892 design. In a splendid bit of irony, Birkin recently confessed she barely used her bag because it had proved hazardous to her health (citing tendonitis).

Both the Kelly and the Birkin are crafted entirely by hand by a single artisan from start to finish, and embellished with a petite padlock, keys and gleaming hardware made of white or yellow gold.

But why, exactly, are they so expensive and so obsessively coveted? For starters, they are beautifully made. A single artisan can spend up to 25 hours painstakingly constructing a Kelly or Birkin. And, of course, there is the immutable law of supply, and demand at work here. Make something fabulous, in famously limited quantities, and people will clamor to own it. Myself included.

So which will it be? A Kelly or a Birkin? Fortunately (or unfortunately) it is a decision I don’t have to make today.

Celebrity | Lori Loughlin

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sharon Stone carries an A. D. M. J. bag

Birkin Blog Says | No Sharon No!

Sharon Stone carries an A. D. M. J. bag (a "up-and-coming" Japanese brand, also known as "The Street Birkin"). To me, A. D. M. J bags take total advantage of Birkin bags' Design and put Hello Kitty on them.  I just don't think it is a good idea for someone like Sharon Stone should carry them.

Birkin Blog Says | Have you seen this before?

This bag looks interesting. It looks like a long Birkin. Can anybody tell me what this is? Also, I love Goyard too.