Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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40 CM Birkin in Mustard/Pearl Gray, Celemence Leather


Why are you selling your Birkin Bags? Are they authentic?

Queenie from Hong Kong 

Dear Queenie,

I started to carry only  40 CM a couple of years ago. I got rid of all my 30 and 35 CM Birkin bags at that time. The 40 CM Birkin bags suit my need, my life style, my height, and my personality better (I think). From time to time, I have been offered 30 and 35 CM Birkin bags. I find it hard not to take them since it really is an honour to be offered Birkin bags from HERMES stores. That is why I started this store last September.

All the bags in my store are authentic. I just won't sell fake bags. Never! How can you sell a bag to someone by knowing it is fake and saying it is authentic?

Hope this answer your question. Please come back to see my beautiful collection of Birkin bags in my store!


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  1. How do you recommend choosing the size? I am quite tall, at around 5ft10, average build. I would usually choose a larger bag from the range, but the 40cm looks quite hefty, more for a weekender or carry bag rather than a dress bag. What is your advice?