Thursday, September 29, 2011


35 CM Two-Tone Birkin, 2002 (F Stamp)
Mind The Stamp

My Birkin Blog Spots | Naomi Campbell

My Birkin Blog spots supermodel Naomi Campbell carrying a 35 CM Birkin Bag in white leaving her limo on September 28, 2011 during Paris Fashion Week.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It takes 2 Birkin Bags to make a supermodel

Naomi Campbell arrives at the Ritz in Paris carrying a 35 CM black Birkin bag and leaves with a 30 CM brown crocodile Birkin with diamond-filled gold buckles! The supermodel was looking very chic for Paris Fashion Week March 2011.
The Inside
On the Street | Westport, Connecticut
On the Street | Woodbury Outlets
On the Street | New York City

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Send US a Photo | Stefano


My names stefano and I read your blog all the time and couldn't wait to send in my own collection. As of right now I have a 40cm black with silver. 40cm grey with silver. Collier de chien black Leather and gold hardware. 40cm Kelly black with gold and my aunt just gifted me this green 40cm. I also wanted to ask if you knew what color the green is. As I said it was gifted so I was wondering if you knew the exact Hermes color. Anyway hope to see my bags on your blog soon. Thanks!

What do people Tweet about HERMES Birkin Bags?

Sat opposite a woman with a real Hermes Birkin bag. It truly is a thing of beauty. But why carry a bag worth a few thou on public transport?
Who Carries Birkin Bags? | Anna Dello Russo | Editor-At -Large, Vouge Japan

Monday, September 26, 2011


Alessandra Amborsio

35 CM Birkin Bag in Etoupe

What do people Tweet about HERMES Birkin Bags?

Lindsey Berg
A college student @ Harvard watching the vball game with aHermes Birkin bag

What do people Tweet about HERMES Birkin Bags?

Laura Jones
nothing i want more than a hermes birkin bag!

My Birkin Blog Spots | Kim Kardashain

Kim Kardashian was spotted out in the Upper West Side of New York City on Thursday afternoon (September 22) for a family fun day. She carried a 32 CM HAC in Gold with Palladium Hardware.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Size: 42 CM
Color: Ruby
Leather: Taurillon Celemence
Hardware: Palladium
Year: 2010 (N Stamp)

Aureta Thomollari | Blogger

35 CM Birkin Bag in Lagoon with Palladium Hardware

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Send Us a Photo | Karyn

just thought i would pass along this photo of my mother, terri kohl, with her mykonos blue 30 cm birkin and matching pedicure. she was particularly excited for this color.

love the blog!


Size: 25 CM
Color: Fushia Pink
Leather: Crocodile Niloticus Lisse
Hardware: Palladium
Year: 2006 (J Stamp)