Friday, November 30, 2012

My Birkin Blog Says: The Birkin Arlequin

This year, HERMES starts making the Birkin Arlequin, AKA 6 color Birkin. To be honest with you, My Birkin Blog didn't like it when I first saw the photos online. 

However, when I learned that the design of the bags was inspired by this painting- Picasso's Paul en Arlequin, I started to like it more. The design has a French humorous way to look at things.

The Arlequin comes two combinations: Sanguine/Orange (Top), and the Ultra Violet/Blue Lin (Bottom). HERMES also makes them in Kelly bags as well. 


  1. Even if inspiraton is beautiful I really think this bag looks bad... Orange one would look so much better without this blue on sides!

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