Friday, November 9, 2012

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I have just received my first Birkin Bag. As a daily reader, I value your opinion on where to hang the clochette and the lock. 


Dear Emma,

I never used the lock and the pochette. I like to keep things simple. People said the lock is "Just in Case" you need to lock the bag. I think if someone wanted to take my wallet inside the bag, why don't they just take the bag? The bag has much more value than anything inside.

When I got my first Birkin, I hanged it just like other people- the lock in the middle and the clohette on the handle. However, I am not a very dedicated person.  Things hanging outside the bags are a No No for me. They kept banging and scratch everything- the bag, my pants, my socks...

This is just my personal opinion. People please leave a comment about what you think of the clochette.


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  1. i also keep clochette and keys away in my safe. somehow it adds the weight when you carry the birkin.