Friday, July 30, 2010

Love It Or Hate It?

30 cm | Chevre Goatskin | Auqa Chocolat | Gold Hardware
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My Birkin Blog Spots | 2010.07.29

Japanese lingerie model Jessica Michibata shows her romance with Jenson Button is very much back on track as she joined him in Budapest ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix.
Birkin Bag Manhattan Style 5

My Birkin Blog Spots | 2010.07.29

Making the most of a day off of work, Kim Kardashian was spotted arriving at the Nail Design Salon for a little pampering in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 29).

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Birkin Bag Price List – What Courtney Love Didn’t Know

July 26, 2010

“There’s no way you’re getting that information,” says Courtney Love when she was being asked about who gave her a Birkin bag in six month ago! This $7000 bag had changed her; it’s kind of her revelation into the fashion world.

“Having a Birkin even makes you read every part of the Emily Post etiquette book.” Courtney Love added. Can you believe these words come up from the horror fashion like her? Jane Birkin must have been really proud when Hermès, the designer made her name for bag!

That’s right! Even a punker such as Courtney Love has one of Birkin bags. Check out what she said about her bag, “It’s sort of like diamonds, though. Do you buy it yourself or do you let someone buy it for you?”

What Love didn’t know is she should drop her punker acts and stick with the whole Emily Post things!

So what about your Birkin bag? Is it also a revelation to you?

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Birkin Bag Manhattan Style 3

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Send Us a Photo | Neysa Soediro

im Neysa Soediro, Jakarta - Indonesia :) XX
Femme Fatale Makes $2 Million, Handbag $65,000 as Auctions Buzz
July 25, 2010

A private Russian client paid 42,050 pounds for a 2010 “Bleu Abyss” crocodile “Birkin” at Christie’s International’s July 14 auction of jewelry and Hermes handbags, the London-based auction house said.

The price was not far off the record 49,250 pounds paid for a 2004 black crocodile Birkin at Christie’s in November. The 81 Hermes handbags included in the latest sale raised 476,000 pounds, said Christie’s.

“It’s all about supply and demand,” Patricia Frost, Christie’s director of costume and textiles, said in an interview. “You might have enough money, but you can’t go into Hermes and buy a crocodile Birkin. Auctions don’t have waiting lists.”

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Send Us a Photo | Mayvanny

Hai Birkin Blog, I'm Meyvanny , this is picture of me with my B 35 clemence From Bandung - Indonesia , Thank u...
My Birkin Blog Spots | 2010.07.25

My Birkin Blog spots Corrie star Helen Flanagan carries a white Birkin bag at London night club Cafe de Paris on July 25.

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30 CM Birkin Bag in white with palladium hardware
Birkin Bag Manhattan Style 1

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Send Us a Photo | Gary Chung

Dear friends,
"How many pieces of Hs can you spot?"
Send Us a Photo

Hi! Thought you might be interested in pics of my new acquisition -- a 40cm Noisette Birkin in Vache Ardennes (the precursor of Vache Liegee) with gold hardware.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Humour | Buy Me This Bag
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Who is this lucky gal?

My Birkin Blog Says: The Bottega Veneta Cabat Bag (The woven bag between HERMES Blue Jean Picotin and the CHANEL bag) is my favourite bag next to the Birkins

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Colourful Candy
The Inside
Article | Courtney Love on Birkins and Sex | WWD | 2010.07.21

It’s with abject horror that Courtney Love looks back on what she did to pieces from Marc Jacobs’ infamous grunge collection for Perry Ellis in 1992. “Marc sent me and Kurt [Cobain] his Perry Ellis grunge collection. Do you know what we did with it?” she asks, enunciating what came next. “We burned it. We were punkers — we didn’t like that kind of thing.”

But remnants still exist. Love recently stumbled on a lone bonnet and a pair of electric blue shoes that managed to escape the torching. “I was so relieved. These pieces were part of me and Kurt living in a trench and surviving the war. We just didn’t deal with life.”

Sartorially speaking, Love has evolved from her days of setting designer clothing ablaze and now defines her fashion evolution in terms of “pre-Birkin” and “post-Birkin,” referring to the iconic Hermès Birkin bag she received as a gift six months ago. (“There’s no way you’re getting that information,” she says when probed about the identity of the generous benefactor.)

And it’s because of her fashions that Love’s found herself in the news as of late. “It’s not just me,” she says of the Web Site, which launched July 13. “I’m participating in it.” Her role is as follows: Love sends daily pictures of her outfits and wardrobe changes (she’s currently on tour) to her co-bloggers, who go by the initials T, L and X.

The catch: Love has no idea who X is, although T and L do. “X is supposed to be male, and I keep picturing Stephen Gan in my mind, but he doesn’t have the time for this. He’s the one who writes in italics. It’s a social experiment.” The three are responsible for updating the blog by way of posting photos and including captions and the obligatory snarky commentary, and they also have full access to the arsenal of photographs that Love’s uploaded onto her computer for their use.

The concept behind What courtney stemmed from the selection of unflattering photos she stumbled upon while Google Imaging herself. “With the Internet, I think the crap rises to the top,” Love says, peeved that while searching for a picture of herself “with some good hair she had done at Bergdorf’s” that most of what she found was just really bad. “There were, like, nine pages on Google that were f-----g me at my worst, and it took me until page 12 — well, page nine had an Avedon one — to find a decent one.”

According to her, the first picture was one of the biggest fashion faux pas she’d ever made. Love’s wearing really low slung jeans with a nice blouse, which is all well and good in the singer’s book, but it was the Marilyn Manson contact lenses, coupled with her lips being chapped after going out during a cold night in London that did her in. “It’s not even, like, my actual Google search is that bad. It’s the pictures like this. It looked like I had a herpes breakout or something,” she continues. “And the second picture is half Britney Spears’ face and half my face. The third picture is from when I was unwell.”
Model | Daria Werbowy

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Birkin Blog Spots | Katie Holmes: HERMES Birkin + Lanvin

Having been busily been working away on The History Channel miniseries "The Kennedy's" as of late, Katie Holmes was spotted arriving via helicopter to New York City on Monday (July 19).

My Birkin Blog Says: I love the way she uses the Birkin as a travel tote.

Article | Christie's Is Auctioning Dozens of Hermes Bag |

Vogue UK reports that Christie's is auctioning off dozens of rare Hermes bags on Wednesday. Pat Frost, head of textiles at Christie's, told Vogue, "We are expecting people to bid way over the asking price. There is a massive waiting list for several of the styles featuring in the auction - it's an easy way of jumping the queue but at a premium."

The auction, Jewels at South Kensington including Fine Hermes Handbags, will include 78 Hermes bags. You can see the list here. The priciest handbag (pictured above) is a Matte Paille Alligator Birkin Bag, which is expected to sell for between $47,872 and $56,848.

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Daphne Guiness

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Birkin Blog Spots | GUCCI My Birkin | 2010.07.15

Looking the true part of a Hollywood beauty, Hilary Duff was spotted treating herself to a little high-end retail therapy at the GUCCI in Beverly Hills on Thursday (July 15) sporting her black Birkin Bag.