Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kim and Birkin 2013 Special Edition

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Heading home for the holidays, Kim Kardashian caught a departing flight out of Miami International Airport on Tuesday (November 20). She carried a 2012-13 FW Special Edition Birkin Grizzly in 30 CM.

My Birkin Blog Says: Being Kim Kardashian, part of her job is to carry the newest Birkin bags. (I really hate to have her job, LOL!). She is carrying her newest toy- the "Birkin Grizzly" yesterday when she was on the way home to LA for Thanksgiving from Miami International.

On the US Thanksgiving, My Birkin Blog needs to thank the Kardashians who non-stoping carrying Birkin bags so we have a lot of articles to you to read.

The 2012-13 FW Special Edition has just come out of the market and only offered to the VIP customers. The bag has a new design which is similar to the Birkin Ghillies. The top part is in Barneia leather which is a new leather HERMES came out in recent years. The Barneia is a naturl vegetable tanned leather using such as carrots, not colorful chemicals. 

The bottom part leather is called Grizzly which is suede. It is smooth and feels like velvet. The Birkin also has a canvas lining. 

My Birkin Blog Store has just received the Birkin Grizzly. It is the same color, size, and hardware just like Kim's. If you are interested, you can visit my store to see more photos and the price. I only have one.

Here is the link to my store:


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PS: If you like it in size 40, click here to see the advertisement.

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  1. This is a shame that prostitute becames face of Birkin... Shame!!!!