Friday, October 26, 2012

For Sale: One Kiwi, One Lime

HERMES BIRKIN Candy Color- Kiwi, Lime

Size: 30 CM
Color: One Kiwi, One Lime
Hardware: Palladium
Condition: Brand New
Leather: Epsom
Year: 2011 (O Stamp)
Price: $35,00.00

Note: My Birkin Blog keeps getting so many emails saying where they can get the Candy color Birkin in Lime and Kiwi. Both colors were only for 2011 SS and are discontinued. 

My Birkin Blog manages to get two from a HERMES VVIP who was offered both and has never used- one in Kiwi, one in Lime. They two are really hard to find now. 

They are both brand new never been used. Both O Stamp, Epsom Leather, both 30 CM.

I only managed to get these two. They are hard to get. Even HERMES won't offer to me. People are very lucky to have them. If you have new one to sell, please let me know.

The prices are high, but I had to pay premium for them. Please note that the color is a it off on screen. The candy colors seem to chage colors every time I take photos.

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