Thursday, October 18, 2012

On The Field

35 CM Brikin in Black with Gold Hardware


  1. Hi there !

    I love your blog, and I needed your advice . I am going to get my first firkin for my birthday and the store received a 35 cm Etain in Taurillon Clemence, which was originally my dream bag.
    But I have read so many comments telling that the Clemence will become slouchy with time that I am now hesitating between Togo and Clemence..

    Besides, regarding the color I really like graphite as well, what would you advise me for my first birkin?

    I really want it to be perfect !!!

    Thanks for your help!

    Anna xx

  2. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for writing. The bags get slouchy depending on how much you use them, not the leather types, especially in 35 CM. The Clemence is lighter than the Togo. That is why it gets slouchy easier.

    Personally I think Etain is a better color for the first Birkin. Etain is more a gray tone. Graphite is more like a black tone. If you want a black tone, maybe a real back will be a better choice than the graphite.

    No matter what you choose, it will be a good choice.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Hi!

    Is this a Birkin in Box calf Leather?

    I have a Birkin 35 in Box leather, but I'm so afraid to use it because it is so delicate, do you have any tips so I can get over my fear? It is only at home now "gathering dust"
    Maybe is better for me to buy one in Togo instead? What do you think?

    And do you know if Birkin in Box leather still is hard to come by? They said it in the store in Stockholm... Maybe I'll regret if I sell my Brkin in box...?!

    Best regards, and hope you will have a happy weekend!


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  5. Hi Elisabeth,

    My only tip for the box leather is "ENJOY" it. HERMES makes this leather so it can get scratched easily. French people believe that it looks BETTER after it gets a lot of scratches. It shows who you are and your dedication for the bag. I agree with it and love my Birkin in box leather. I don't care if the bag gets scratched. It is who I am. I send them back to HERMES. They will polish the bags for you. It looks great to polish over the scratches.

    However, I know a lot of people can't overcome their fear for the box leather. I am a big believer of not buying bags to collect dusts. If my bags collected dusts, I would sell them as soon as I can.

    The Birkin in box leather is the least hard to get. I even often see them in the stores. I can't tell you which stores but I do see them sometimes.

    Hope this helps,

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