Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For Sale: Limited Birkin Eclat 35

HERMES BIRKIN Eclat 35 Sangurine/White

Size: 35 CM
Color: Sangurine (Blood Orange)/White
Hardware: Palladium
Condition: Brand New
Leather: Taurillon Clemence
Year: 2012 (P Stamp)
Price: $32,500.00

Note: This white configuration is known as the Birkin "Eclat." Eclat is French for "sparkling." Due to its high demand, this 2011 SS Collection has extended its existence until 2012. My Birkin Blog is offer this bag made 2012 (P Stamp). It is extremely limited and has discontinued. 


  1. Are YOU sure is 23 October because in MY country is only 15th of October?
    Greetings from BIRKIN OWNER!

  2. Seriously?? $32,500?? That's too much... Even Though it's Hermes and it's a brand, but It's not worth it paying for few letters on a metal 30,000$, and the bag is nice but not that nice!!!

  3. Hi Rania,

    Thanks for your comment.

    The Birkin bags are in high demand. Most people can't get them from HERMES stores. HERMES only offers Birkin bags to the customers who first pay a lot of money buying other merchandise. That is why there is an after market price for the bags.

    There is also a free market. Buyers understand how hard I need to work on getting these bags. They also know that I need to pay a lot of expenses such as traveling or buying extra merchandise from HERMES stores. I truly believe that purchasing from My Birkin Blog is making both buyers and sellers successful, not against each other. My business is actually booming at the prices that I am asking.

    Buying a Birkin bag from My Birkin Blog is also an experience without thinking whether the bag is fake or not. I guarantee all the bags are authentic and not from the French scandals. All my Birkin bags were purchased from HERMES stores.

    Hope this helps you understand my price points. I am looking forward to more feedback from my readers.


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