Friday, January 30, 2009

Article | Celebrity Bag Watch: Ashley Olsen: BIRKIN BACKPACK

Have you ever seen something like this? A $13,750 bag that is being thrown around like a backpack? Well, if you were Ashley Olsen with unlimited funds - you would do that too. Here is one of the twins who is with or without Lance Armstrong (?!) looking overly important by going out of her way to look not important slumping around with her divine and clearly broken in, Hermes Birkin 35cm bag. I don't know about you but every now and then it doesn't hurt to wish you were someone else...

Celebrity | Sofia Coppola | Director

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Article | Executive's Choice Michael Michalsky |

“Not without my Birkin Bag” is Michalsky’s motto. Oversized and orange, his most trusted companion glows by his side.
“I carry my life in there, and it also doubles as my portable office,” praises the designer. He has an annoyed actress to thank for his roomy treasure chest: in 1984, Jane Birkin was plagued with a space issue on her flight from New York to Paris. After forever searching deeply in her fully packed Bast bag, the actress poured everything out onto her neighbor’s lap. This just happened to be Hermés chairman of the board, Jean Louis Dumas. After the initial shock passed, the idea for a roomier creation was born. Through an appearance on “Sex and the City”, the bag now qualifies as one the most desired fashion articles in the world. Depending on the design, prices range from $5,000 to $50,000. You need to have both money and patience for this bag, a new order for a handcrafted bag can take up to a few years to be delivered.

TV | Gossip Girl | Kelly Rutherford
'Lily van der Woodsen'

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Celebrity | Demi Moore

Article | How to Choose a Right Hermes Birkin to Boost Your Personal Style |

Step 1

First of all, select the correct material for your birkin to suit different occasions. The quality of materials reflects the owner’s financial status and taste. Leather is always a wise choice, for it is classic and versatile; works with most outfits and goes with any situation. The most popular leather for birkin is Togo, a smooth textured calf leather. Taurillon Clemence which is made from baby bull is even softer and thicker than Togo. You can also choose buttery soft Chevre (goat skin) or smooth and sheen box. Birkin bags with exotic leathers such as alligator, crocodile and lizard are quite suitable for formal and grand occasions. If you want a casual and pretty look, you can try togo or ostrich Birkin with linen.

Step 2
Secondly, choose the right sized Birkin to complement your figure. Remember, your bag should work with your size, not against it. If you are petite, go for 25cm or 30cm Birkin. If you are full-figured or tall, 35cm or 40cm Birkin would look best. Haut A Courries which is slightly taller with shorter straps is also called Birkin and very good for traveling use.

Step 3
Thirdly, choose similar colored Birkin to match your outfit. There is an extensive range of colors for your Birkin bag. If you wear a lot of plain color clothes, Hermes classic colors such as black, orange, Blue Jean and dark gold are the best to match your outfit, or a two-tone colored Birkin would make you look cute and stylish. Greens, pink, fuchsia and Cyclamen are fresh in spring; rouge, red and orange looks gorgeous in autumn; blues, white and violet are popular in winter. Taupe, beige and grey are practical and can blend into more clothes.

Step 4
Last but not least, always harmonize your Birkin with your outfit, shoesand accessories. If you have seen the photo of Victoria in fuchsia RM Moon dress with a stunning 35cm pink ostrich skin Hermes Birkin, you will get a better idea of what I mean. The pink bag and fuchsia dress match perfectly; the black sunglass has a similar shade with Balenciaga court shoes. Totally, she looks fantastically glamorous! Sometimes, your bag does not necessarily match your dress or shoes, but at least should blend into them. It is more sensible to make sure your bag and shoes are harmonious in style and mood. For example, if you wear sliver or white tone shoes, pair them with a Birkin bag with silver palladium hardware.

If you pay attention to what fits you and what does not, you will gradually cultivate your dress sense and fit into everything chosen by yourself. Needless to say, Hermes Birkin bag is a must-have for any savvy lady who aspires to establish a perfect personal style. Reliable online stores such as are the best place to buy elegant Hermes Birkin bags. Be mindful that “Fashion is general. Style is individual”, have a good knowledge of your style and learn how to dress properly, because the most beautiful woman is always true to her own style.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Article | Accessory becomes quest of a lifetime |

One of the biggest mysteries in luxury fashion finally has been solved.
And it turns out it wasn't so much a mystery as a series of lessons in masterful marketing and classic economics.
You might have heard about the waiting list for the exclusive Hermes Birkin bag. Two years, it's said. Maybe less if you're a celebrity.
The French fashion house Hermes named the handbag after British actress and signer Jane Birkin. It launched in 1984 and has since became one of the most coveted bags in the world.
Of course, that's assuming you have $8,000 to plunk down for the French handbag. And that's just for one of the lower-end bags.
But as one eBay reseller found out, the Birkin might be the most coveted handbag of all time, but the scarceness is a brilliant ploy by Hermes to leverage consumer lust for exclusivity to drive sales.

Celebrity | Sarah Jessica Parker

Monday, January 26, 2009

Celebrity | Julia Roberts

Article | Hermes Shoulder Birkin |

Hermes’ new designer Jean Paul Gaultier on the helm has redesigned the infamous ‘Birkin’ bag for spring/summer ‘05. This is no small innovation, given that the original is in such demand that there is a wait to get on the waiting list. But JPG’s changes work — now you can actually get the bag over your shoulder.
Due to its shortened height, the bag seems as long as an eighteen wheeler semi! Like Luella with her Baby Gisele, the logic step to an already successful handbag was to adding a shoulder design and appeal to a wider audience. Among the large variety of carry-alls that we’ve seen, this new shoulder Birkin sure is in contention for the throne. So damned appealing!
As shown on the right in the new “pumpkin orange” shade, the bag will go for £4,000 (~$7,500). Stores around the globe hesitated with the large orders for the bag, unsure about how the new low profile would appeal to the customer base. In addition, a limited production is running on these treasures as well. Hence, the new Hermes Shoulder Birkins are even more scarce than the legendary regular Birkins.
However, since Jean Paul’s line had been intro’ed last fall, US sales for Hermes went through the roof. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Article | Hermes Diamond Crocodile Birkin |

The Diamond Birkin is Hermes' most expensive birkin bag . At over 150K usd.
The "Birkin" bag is a handbag manufactured by leather goods and ready-to-wear manufacturer Hermès. It is named after British-born actress and singer Jane Birkin, a longtime resident of France.

Men | Roger Federer | Swiss professional tennis player

Federer on the tarmac in Paris before the French Open, May 2006. (Prada tuxedo, shirt, and shoes; Hermès Birkin bag.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birkin Blog Says | 10 Handbags You Must Own Before You Die

1. HERMES Birkin
2. Louis Vuitton Speedy
3. CHANEL 2.55
4. Christian Dior Lady Dior
5. Bottega Veneta Cabat
6. Fendi Baguette
7. Judith Leiber Evening bag
8. Balenciaga Motorcycle bag
9. GOYARD Saint Louis Tote
10. GUCCI Bamboo Trim

What bags are on your list?

Photo | Model

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Article | Jane Birkin: "I'd Rather Be Dressed As A Man" | The Huffington Post via WWD 

Jane Birkin, the woman, not the coveted Hermès bag, spoke to WWD about her new album and her signature tomboy style.

WWD: A V-neck sweater and jeans is your signature look. Do you have a wardrobe of ballgowns at home that you secretly like to dress up in?

J.B.: Not at all. My thing is cashmere jerseys. I'm always peeking in [my daughters'] collars to see where they've bought their cashmere from. I just did a TV show a couple of days ago with [opera singer] Roberto Ayala where we sang "Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais." I had to make a tiny bit of effort. I'd bought a secondhand YSL suit for a cocktail in Buenos Aires and wore it

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Celebrity | Linday Lohan

Monday, January 19, 2009

Website | Who Wore It Better? |

I believe a woman can twin a fuchsia Hermes Birkin bag with a perfect LBD and that's all she would ever need. Here we have two beautiful ladies, both carrying the coveted Birkin - in my new favorite color - both portraying a totally different look. Posh is on pink overload but still manages to look stunning in her Roland Mouret dress whereas Heidi tones things down in a dark hued rockin' look. One bag, two totally different looks...who wore it better?

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Celebrity | Kate Moss

Friday, January 16, 2009

Article | Sharon Cuneta and her P1.9 Million Birkin Bag

Sharon Cuneta is indeed one of the richest Philippine Celebrity out there, in fact if Forbes magazine would have a list of one, the Megastar Sharon Cuneta would top the list with Kris Aquino following very closely. The Baghag is reporting that the Mega is carrying a ” A Hermes crocodile (porosus) birkin in the 35cm size costs well over Php 1.9M (US$40,000+) and the “Ate Shaowie” has one ;).” Yes, the must have Birkin Bag for the well to do. But i guess money can’t buy happiness or so it seems. Sharon Cuneta is besieged with separation rumors from husband Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan. And the Birkin bag photo above was snapped upon Sharon’s arrival from Hongkong where she reportedly tried to mend her broken heart. Gossip abounds that the Megastar Sharon Cuneta has finally discovered what is the alleged truth about the rumored affair with Kiko and her former secretary in his Senate office. And that she left in haste after earning about this, together with her children and close confidantes to Hongkong. To which Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, when interviewed said, there was no truth to the rumors, Sharon left for Hongkong with daughter KC Concepcion and some close friends, to do her annual Christmas shopping. 

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Article | What It Costs For A Hermès Birkin Bag|

Just how much would you be willing to pay for “the perfect” handbag? Perhaps the cost of a large mortgage payment? Or even the price of a luxury car? For some women who covet the luxurious Hermès Birkin bag, they are willing to pay all that and even more. Further, some of these women are willing to go on multi-year waiting lists, just for the privilege of knowing that when the wait ends, they will be carrying their wallets, cell phones and even baby supplies, tucked inside the elegant and finely contoured leather shape of fashion’s biggest status symbol positioned prettily over one arm.

The Best Of The Best
If you are familiar with the Hermès name, you know that their handbags, as well as their other accessories, are truly the best of the best. Hermès is a ready-to-wear couture brand that operates its high-end boutiques in the United States and abroad. Women flock to their landmark stores in the hopes of scoring their own perfect bag, which are traditionally in low supply and high demand. Many stores have waiting lists for a Birkin, which can be anywhere from eight months for a basic style, on up to six years for a bag made of the most exotic leather. Celebrities and the very wealthy are often (but not always) able to surpass the waiting process to get instant gratification.

Fine Craftsmanship And Detailing
Each Hermès purse is hand-made by a highly-trained craftsman and can take as long as 48 hours to create from start to finish, according to an estimate by one fashion insider. Only the finest materials are used in the production of the bag, including alligator, crocodile, lizard, goat, calf and even ostrich skins, all of which are selected and tanned to achieve the softest, most buttery feel Birkin owners have come to expect and appreciate.

Other standard features that set an Hermès bag apart from the competition include tiny hand-stitching, dual top handles and gold or other high-quality metals used for details such as the lock, keys, buckle and protective feet. Each bag has an “H” stamped on all of its hardware and comes with a dust cover for the bag, as well as dust covers for the locks and keys that are a standard distinguishing Hermès feature. In addition, extravagant extras like pave diamonds set on the clasp are included in some exclusive (and highly sought-after) editions.

Further, all of the handbags come packaged in special tissue paper, which is carefully shaped (apparently by special Hermès craftsmen who are masters at this craft) into pillows to help hold the Birkin’s shape.

With so much work involved in the production of a bag, the finished products are distributed to Hermès boutiques on an unpredictable schedule, making it even more challenging to secure one and accounting for some of the long waits. Generally, the rarer the skin that is used for the bag, the longer the wait will be. Instead of deterring perspective customers, though, this wait may actually make the bags even more desirable to the woman who wants to be at the top of the trend setter’s list.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Article | | Top 5 Most Expensive Handbags in the World

After reading “the Secret” by Rhonda Byrne maybe you are confused of what you want to have to visualize. Well you are in luck, cause we have here the TOP 5 MOST EXPENSIVE HANDBAG IN THE WORLD PHOTOS for you to visualize everyday and get (eventually)

5. Leiber Precious Rose at USD 92,000

The flower bag is made with 1,016 diamonds totaling 42.56 carats, 1,169 pink sapphires and 800 tourmalines. There is only one available in the world.

4. Lana Marks Cleopatra at USD 100,000

Each year, Marks only produces one Cleopatra clutch. This year’s limited edition is made of metallic silver alligator skin and a clasp encrusted with 1,500 black and white diamond set in 18-carat white gold.

3. Hermes Birkin Bag at USD 120,000

Only one available in the world, the bag is named after singer/songwriter Jane Birkin. The clasp of this 30-centimeter tote boasts 10 carats of white diamonds. The body is made of crocodile.

2. Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel at USD 150,000

Made of the world’s finest Italian leather, this unique luxury handbag is hand crafted with carefully chosen “urban charms”. Rumor has it that the Olson twins were fighting to get this bag while Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckham were on a bidding war to get the Urban Satchel.

1. Chanel’s Diamond Forever

With only 13 available worldwide, this handbag sits upon the accessory throne as one of the most expensive luxury handbags in the world. The Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag overall has 3.56 carats made up of 334 diamonds, 18 carat white gold hardware, and white alligator skin. Only five of these super extravagant handbags are available in the USA.

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Website | | 4 people want to...
Buy a Hermes Birkin bag

I have found this website when I searched for Birkin bag news. This website is for people to "List your goals, Share your progress, Cheer each other on". There are 4 people signing up for "wanting to buy a Hermes Birkin bag".  I hope their goal will soon be reached. Best wishes from My Birkin Blog.

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Celebrity | Nicole Richie

Book | FutureShop | Daniel Nissanoff

This is a book about change. In particular, it's about how our consumer culture is rapidly evolving to allow us to live better, richer lives for less. The catalyst to this change is eBay and similar sites that are quickly growing into mainstream shopping venues and creating unprecedented levels of liquidity for our everyday goods. The wave of the future will be temporary ownership-consumers will be able to buy what they really want because they'll be able to easily sell it when they are ready to upgrade to the next item on their wish list. Veteran Web entrepreneur Daniel Nissanoff's invaluable heads-up explores why this change is taking place and discusses what consumers and businesses can do in order to benefit from this new paradigm.

Daniel Nissanoff is a Web entrepreneur whose most recent venture is Portero, an online facilitation company specializing in the resale of luxury goods. A finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, he has consulted to several Global 500 companies.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New York Magazine | Kathy Fuld: What Birkin Bag? Where?

Say you were Kathleen Fuld, wife of demonized former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld. You've had many millions of dollars available to you over the course of your 30-year marriage, and so you wouldn't, ordinarily, think twice about buying luxury goods such as a multi-thousand-dollar handbag in broad daylight. It is second nature to you, possibly, to buy such things without thinking. As others buy gum. Which is why, perhaps, you don't wholly consider how embarrassing it would be to get caught shopping for such a thing now, in December of 2008, just a few short months after the collapse of your husband's bank (which failed, many say, due to your husband's ham-handed machinations) leaves thousands out of work and triggers — well, is said to have triggered — a global financial meltdown. But then it occurs to you, at the register, that it might be unwise to be caught making such purchases: "Can I have a plain white shopping bag?" you say to the sales associate at Hermès, hurriedly. But it's too late. The cashier smells your panic. He looks again at the card, and recognizes the name — how could he not?! It's the most famous name of the crisis thus far! Maybe you should have been nicer to those sales associates, you thought today, when someone sent you a link to the Daily Beast. Maybe then they wouldn't have ratted you out.

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Celebrity | Sarah Jessica Parker

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Article | Money Bags | The Sun | Published Jan. 10, 2009

CHUFFED VICTORIA BECKHAM shows off her Christmas prezzie from husband DAVID — an £80,000 HANDBAG.

The diamond-studded Birkin Himalayan by designer Hermes is one of only three in the world.

It cost £10,000 more than a flat up for sale in Victoria’s home town of Harlow, Essex.

Posh, 34, showed off her new piece of kit for the first time as Becks made his debut for AC Milan in Dubai.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Birkin Blog Says | Men with Birkin Bags

To be fair, I think men deserve equal rights to purchase and carry Birkin bags. Even though that means the waiting list is even longer for us. However, there are better ways for men to carry them. Elbow? NO, NO! See! The baby didn't like it and has escaped from his/her baby carrier.

Celebrity | Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Please note that the bag shown above is a FAKE Birkin bag.

Article | Hermes Birkin Bag v. Rubber 'Satire' |

NY Times article on Hermes, maker of the (starting at) $5000 Birkin bag, suing the importer of a $150 rubber bag that is referred to as a 'satire,' 'amusement' 'fake rubber Birkin,' 'knock-off' and 'trade dress infringement' in the article. The rubber version is probably the more practical choice on a rainy day. Hermes has a smaller bag known as the Kelly and the rubber 'version' is known as the Jelly Kelly.

Interesting tidbit: According to the article, Hermes has a Kirkland and Ellis paralegal spending 10 to 20 hours a week scanning eBay for Hermes knock-offs.

Interesting tidbit #2: Ebay is selling some Birkin Bags for $25,000 and some for $25. Hmmm.

Interesting tidbit #3: If you put in BIRKIN BAG as a keyword on Google, the first sponsored link (just now) was an ad for eBay that had nothing to do with Birkin Bags.

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Photo | HERMES Studio

This is where Birkin babies are made.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Birkin Blog Says | Is a Birkin bag Worth it?

Before I became a Birkinoholic, I was a VIC (Very Important Customer) at LOUIS VUITTON. I was regularly invited to "choose" the limited bags months before they were offered to the public. A few years ago, I realized that those limited bags were not worth the money and started to "invest" in Birkin bags.

Besides being "Wowed" on the streets, making store clerks "friendly", or shortening the waiting time in restaurants by carrying a Birkin bag, I wanted to talk about the real reason- the cost. Yes, it is true that a Birkin bag costs more than $6,000.00US and a LV limited edition bag costs 2/3 or half. However, a limited LV bag won't look good after 1-2 years. A Birkin bag will still look good after 10 years. (I still carry my first Birkin that I purchased more than 10 years ago.  Just last week someone commented on it, but I am embarrassed to carry my LV Theda bag.)

Let's say I carry each bag 100 times/year. I pay $8,000.00 for a Birkin and $4,000 for a LV limited bag.

LV: $4,000/200 times in 2 years= $20.00 each time
Birkin: $8,000/100 times in 10 years= $8.00 each time

This assumes that both bags have zero value after 2 and 10 years. Not to mention that a 10 years old Birkin bag has much more value than a 2 year old LV limited edition bag.

THERE IS NO DISCUSSION, LADIES! When was the last time you saw people carrying the Murakami Cherry bags?

Celebrity |  Eva Longoria Parker
Note: YUM, The coffee too!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Magazine | O, the Oprah Magazine |

It's not about status. The Hermès Birkin bag is so beautifully finished, inside and out, and of such fine leather, you'll have it forever, and so will your granddaughter.

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Birkin Blog Quiz | Real or Fake?

I saw this bag online. I am not sure about it. What do you think?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Birkin Blog Says | Best Show on Earth

If you are persistent in Birkin bags and can just watch people carrying them, here is the best spot to watch it on earth to do so: New York City Madison Avenue between Barney's New York and the HERMES Mansion (61st and 62nd Street).

Book | Handbags: The Power of the Purse | by Anna Johnson

The Bolide. The Plume. The Birkin-object of lust in Sex in the City. Celebrating the must-have accessory for the fashion conscious woman, HANDBAGS is an obsessive, irresistible visual extravaganza, featuring over 900 full-color photographs of the most luxurious, witty, covetable, talismanic examples of the bagmaker's art and history.

Website | | Top 10 "IT" bags | by Stella Kae

1. Hermes Birkin
The Hermès Birkin bag is named after the iconic actress Jane Birkin, who once had a highly public relationship with influential french singer, Serge Gainsbourg, to whom she bore a child (Charlotte Gainsbourg). The 'Birkin' is the symbol of ultimate luxury, due in part to its exposure on popular television shows such as 'Sex and the City'. An authentic 'Birkin' costs upwards of $6,000 and can have a waiting time of up to 2 years.
2. Chanel 2.55
3. Chloe Paddington
4. Balenciaga 'City' Motorcycle
5. Alexander McQueen Novak
6. Marc Jacobs Stam.
7. Fendi Spy
8. YSL Muse
9. Prada Gauffre
10. Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Birkin Blog Says | Deal or No Deal?

A friend of mine wants to trade this LOUIS VUITTON Tribute Patchwork limited edition bag with my 30 CM shinny brown crocodile Birkin that I do not carry very often. This LOUIS VUITTON bag is made to order only. I have seen Beyonce carrying it to many public places. It is also retailed $52,500.00- higher than I paid for my Corco. Birkin. I really like to own this bag, but I have to give away one of my Croco. Birkin. Is it a fair trade? Any help?

Man | Unknown | Shopping outside Madison Avenue HERMES store