Monday, December 17, 2012

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Hello :)

I've been a regular visiter of your website for the past two years now.I think I "fell in love" with Hermes on the day they refused to let Oprah come in the store because they were closed (lol). I've done a little research as I always do and I was pretty impressed !!  I like how no matter how crazy the technology keeps innovating, they still stay loyal to their roots. I'm Canadian, I worked for the Bay and Holt Renfrew ( funny how Hermes was the ONLY brand Holts employees had no discounts on). I often went in their concession just to talk to the employees or look at the bags, scarves, dishes, etc. It amaze me how beautiful their products look. By simply touching them you literally think about the entire work put in it. I have expensive tastes, maybe thats why the birkin bag showing at their concession was always in my mind. Obviously I couldn't touch it nor be on a waiting list.. I really wanted one. People think I bought one because everybody has one but its not true. I truly love the birkins, specially mine. Its a bag made for me, I paid a big amount for it but it was so worth it !! Then I waited 3 months for my birkin to come home.. The waiting time was a crazy experience lol but I liked it because it made the arrival of the bag even more special. My first birkin finally came yesterday and if theres one person on this planet who understands how I feel its you ! I'm very happy and my bag is awesome !!! Thank you for creating a blog where we can all relate on our love for this art made by hands :)


My Birkin Blog Says:

Thanks for sending your photo and story. I understand how you feel now as I remember my first Birkin experience. I was driving out of town when HERMES store called me. I turned my car immediately and drove back to town to pick up my first Birkin Bag. My stomach was tight on the way to the HERMES store. I almost cried when they opened the box!. I still remember how I felt at that moment.

Enjoy your beautiful Birkin Bag. Congratulations!

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  1. I hope "Anonymous" didn't pay a lot for this replica. I'm not an expert but I do know that the keys are tied directly on the leather and not on a key ring.

    1. What are you talking about ?? You can remove the key from the bag. You obviously dont own a birkin. I have a similar bag in pink

    2. ..see for yourself definately not an expert

    3. Obviously you didn't understand what I was talking about but that's ok.

  2. I agree...definitely didn't purchase it direct from Hermes. Pity, they "paid a big amount" for a fake bag. I have 2 Hermes birkins (Birkin 40 and HAC 40) and neither one has the keys attached to a metal ring, like how it is shown in the photo. They are attached directly to the leather strap that holds the clochette.

  3. Same here my 3 Birkins' keys got attrached to the leather directly...hope they just add the ring to it by the owner...also the dust bag for the clochette and key is too big!

  4. Hhhmm...."paid a big amount" and then "waited 3 months for my Birkin to come home".... Not even a reseller would take that long to ship a bag.