Monday, December 10, 2012

HERMES Color Codes

HERMES stores in Europe and North America call the name of the colors. In Asia, the SAs use color code due to the difficulty of the calling the colors. I have listed some color codes for the HERMES colors including 2012 new colors. Please correct me if there are errors. Please leave comments if you wish to add some color codes. 

My Birkin Blog thinks it is handy to bring the color chart with me when I travel. I just want to make sure we are talking about the same color.

Here is the list:

01 White
09 Mauve Pale
18 Etoupe
27 Natural
33 Miel
35 Cognac
37 Gold
41 Havane
45 Marron Fonce
46 Ebene
47 Chocolate
54 Rouge Garance
55 Rouge Ash
56 Rouge Moyen
57 Bordeaux
66 Vert Anis
75 Blue Jean
76 Indigo Blue
81 Toupe
88 Graphite
89 Black
93 Orange
95 Braise
96 Violet
5A Bougainvillier
5F Potiron
5H Cyclamen
5J Fuchsia
5R Rose Shocking
5U Rose Dragee
6D Chartreuse
7E Blue Brighton
7L Blue de Malte
9K Iris
B5 Ruby
3G Alezan
59 Raisin
60 Vert Bronze
5G Bois de Rose
5Q Red Venisen
6L Emerald
7G Ciel
7Q Mykonos
9H Soleil
5E Rose Tyrien (Candy)
9R Lime (Candy)
9J Fer
6R Kiwi (Candy)
82 Agathe
9M Sangurine
80 Pearl Grey
7T Blue Electronic
7N Celeste (Candy)
5K Tosa
8F Etain
N5 Cassie
9W Crocus
9U Moutarde
9T Capucine
1F Argile
7F Blue Paon
6W Menthe
9V Jaune d'or
D5 Geranium
Q5 Rose Casaque (Candy)

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  1. I am curious about color code 5A - i heard the name is Rouge Vif. So what color is 5A?