Monday, May 31, 2010

Video | hermes birkin bag fondant tutorial

Article | Hermes Australia Says Birkin Bag Waiting List Was A Hoax | 2010.04.30

The Hermes Birkin Bag recently got rid of its wait list, but according to author and Huffington Post blogger Michael Tonello who talked to SheFinds, there was never a waiting list to begin with.

A reporter from a U.K. magazine told Tonello that Hermes Australia said there never was a waiting list for the coveted purse.

Tonello, who traveled the world buying up Birkins and selling them on Ebay, tells us, "The only thing Hermes was ever 'waiting' for was for someone to drop a bunch of money on non-Birkin items, (like shoes, scarves and belts) and then they'd offer them a Birkin, almost like a reward. The woman suddenly feels like a VIP, and Hermes turns a very large sale by adding a $9,000 bag to it. Shameful, in my opinion."

Tonello says that he and his associates managed to get their hands on a bag after buying a bunch of things in the Hermes store. Hmmm...

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Article | Size Matters

I have received many emails regarding how to choose the right size. Personally I think the lady in the first photo chose the size too big for her. The lady in the second photo chose the size too small for her.

I know a Birkin Bag is hard to find. Sometimes you have to accept the size offered to you. Otherwise you might have to wait another 5 years. However, know what you want before picking up the Birkin bag. Do some homework. Ask yourself:

Do I use it everyday?
Do I use it for traveling?

My suggestion is getting a Birkin bag depending on your height.

If you are 5'8" and up: 40 CM for everyday and traveling
If you are between 5'6"-5'8": 35 CM for everyday, 40 CM for traveling
If you are between 5'4"-5'6": 30 CM for everyday, 35 CM for traveling
If you are shorter than 5'4": 30 CM for everyday and traveling

I don't like 25 CM nor Shoulder BIrkins. Don't let me start...

Above is just my personal suggestion. Hope this post helps.

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Details | 30 CM Birkin Bag in Lagon

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Video | 2010 S/S Birkin New Color- Bougainvillier

An Asian TV show opens a 2010 Birkin new colour- Bougainvillier. Start watching it 6:07.
A Very Stylish Girl

Lady Gaga

GaGa with Terrence Koh, who managed to persuade GaGa to get out of her room, both sporting Hermes Birkin bags.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 S/S New Colour | Bougainvillier
HERMES Boutique- Sydney, Australia

My Birkin Blog Spots | 2010.05.23

Getting in a little weekend ending shopping, Kim Kardashian was spotted running errands in Beverly Hills on Sunday (May 23).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Very Stylish Girl

H & M Jacket, Hermes Birkin Bag in Gold, Louis Vuitton scarf
First Look | 2010 Spring Summer Tennis Birkin

Super Long Straps, White Leather with Dark Trim
Chinese Actor Zhang Zi-Yi

Monday, May 17, 2010

Article | My Birkin Blog Welcome a New Member to My Collection!

My Birkin Blog welcomes a new member to my HERMES collection- the HERMES Dogon wallet in Lagoon Colour and Togo Leather. It was inside an orange box with 2010 ribbon on it. The wallet is stamped "M" which was made in 2009.

It is harder to get than a Birkin! The colour was limited in 2008 and has been discontinued. There were only few pieces in this colour left in HERMES boutiques worldwide. I went to HERMES stores in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Toronto, Hong Kong and just could not find it. I got really frustrated so I went to HERMES website and started to call every single store. Guess what? After 34 international calls, I found it at the HERMES Boutique in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Who would think something I always wanted was in Kaohsiung, Taiwan? Who even knows where Kaohsiung, Taiwan is?

The colour is between blue and green. It is just gorgeous! The most amazing thing about the colour is it will change to blue tone or green tone depending on the lighting.

The wallet will replace my current wallet in black. Now I can easily find my wallet inside my black Birkin Bag. I also took a photo to compare the colour with blue jean. Can you see the difference? The Dogon comes with a zippy. I think I will even use the zipper more often than the wallet itself.

I think I deserved the wallet after 34 international calls. If you are serious, you can find your Birkin this way too. They will ship it to you.

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