Friday, June 10, 2016

My Birkin Blog Asks

My Birkin Blog Asks: Will You Buy A Birkin From OFF5TH?

My Birkin Blog was on vacation early May in Naples, Florida. I went to the Miramar Outlet Mall and saw this Birkin in the OFF5TH by Saks Fifth Avenue store. They told me it is a consignment arrangement they started to do with some companies. It is an 35 CM used Birkin and was asked $14,000. There were also a few HERMES pieces.

HERMES Birkin bags keep their values so well. Many companies want a piece of after market profits from them. 

Do you think you will buy this Birkin from OFF5TH for $14,000 + Tax? This will be the question of the weekend.

Enjoy your Birkin weekend.

My Birkin Blog

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