Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ask Me A Question

Ask Me A Question | Is This A Shoulder Birkin?

Dear My Birkin Blog,

I saw this bag online and wasn't sure what this is. Is it a shoulder Birkin? Because it looks taller than a shoulder Birkin. 

If you have an answer for it, please let me know.

Thanks. Happy New Year.


My Birkin Blog Answers:

Dear Karen,

Thanks for writing. This is a Birkin 40 CM with longer handles. Some customers said it wasn't convenient that a regular Birkin can't be carried on shoulder. HERMES made this model: 40 CM Birkin with longer handles. It is very limited.

The measurements are exactly like a regular 40 CM just with longer handles. HERMES made this prior to the Shoulder Birkin which was introduced in 2004. This model then inspired Shoulder Birkin, but this is not a shoulder Birkin. 

Yes, this is an authentic Birkin Bag. HERMES doesn't make this anymore. They take orders only.

Happy New Year,

My Birkin Blog

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