Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Birkin Blog Says

Lindsay Lohan 2008

My Birkin Blog Says: Birkin Is An Investment

My Birkin Blog doesn't usually write articles as writing is not my specialty. I love to post photos. A photo is worth a thousand words. However, today I want to write an article to share this:

This morning I posted an article that spots Lindsay Lohan carrying her 40 CM orange Birkin Bag in NYC yesterday. These photos remind me some of the very first article of this blog in 2008. Lindsay carried this bag in NYC and had it stolen at the Heathrow Airport. That was when people started to ask what Birkin Bags were and how to get them. Back then I decided to start this blog to find people who also love the Birkins and wanted to know more about them.

Lindsay still carries the exact bag in 2013 as yesterday. The bag still looks fabulous 5 years later. The color still looks amazing (Thanks HERMES). The leather shows no scratches. The hardware in Palaldium is still shiny. Just the corners show a bit worn. 

I can't remember any handbags that still look so good after 5 years (Some not even one year). I believe Lindsay can carry it for another 5 years. 

I had my first Birkin in 40 CM Black from 2003. I am still carrying it today. People stop me on the streets and asked how I got it all the time. Birkin bag is the only one!

Lindsay Lohan 2013


  1. I thought she lost her bag forever! I love when you write in your blog!
    -Abbi from Sydney

  2. Dear Abbie,

    Thanks for your comment. The bag was returned to her later.