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  1. Hello Dear Birkin Blog,

    First of all, I love your blog !!

    I would also like to ask you I am about to get a 35 cm Togo Birkin in graphite.. However i am not sure which leather is the best as its my first one .. I like structured bag and I don't really like when they get too slouchy .. This is why I am now hesitating between Togo, Vache Liegee (which is apparently hard to find) and Swift ..

    I know Espom is a good one too if I like structured bag, but somehow I don't like the touch of it ..

    Which one would you advise me ? I really want this first birkin to be perfect!

    Thank you so much,


  2. Dear K.

    Thanks for your comment. First of all, congratulations on your first Birkin bag. You basically can't go wrong with any leathers that HERMES makes. I think Togo is the leather I would recommend for the first Birkin because it is hard enough to keep the structure and still feel like butter. I understand Epsom doesn't feel too soft, but it keep the shape the best.

    Hope this helps,

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