Friday, January 4, 2013

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A Very Special Christmas and New Year!

Dear My Birkin Blog,

A friend told me about your blog when I began to love the Birkin bags as soon I became a regular visitor to your blog. I tried to get a Birkin bag from my local HERMES store, but they told me the waiting list is close. Now they only offer Birkin bags to the customers who spend a lot of money buying other HERMES merchandise.

I saw the Gold Color Birkin in your store and really loved it. I showed it to my husband and said we would could never be able to afford one.

On the Christmas morning, I saw a HUGE orange shopping bag under our Christmas tree. I didn't know what that was. My husband said "Isn't that what you wish for Christmas?" I was shaking with nerves opening the box. It was the gold color Birkin on your store! Then he told me he contacted you and both of you worked on getting me this bag before Christmas.

I want to thank you for making this happen. My husband said that you were really nice and very helpful with his purchase.

Thanks again for this beautiful bag. I am in heaven now. I hope you had a great new year. There is another reason to love your blog.


Christine and Allen

Dear Christine,

Your husband is a very sweet person. He started sending emails to me on early December and inquired the 35 CM Birkin in Gold. He said it will be a huge surprise for you and wanted to bag to be sent before Christmas. I am glad the bag was delivered to you before Christmas. The HERMES Gold is a very nice color and it goes with everything and every season. It is a great choice. It will make you a special girl.

Happy New Year.

My Birkin Blog

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