Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Hello !!! I love your blog, it's the first blog I started to check and I check it every day .. I'm obsessed by BIRKIN bags and I love to see how the people wear it ! Well, after a lot of time I decide to share with you MY birkin (40cm togo leather black palladium hardware) and I even decide to open my own blog .. anyway, thank you so much !!!! Kind Regards, Morella.
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Size: 30 CM
Color: Chocolate/Rouge Garance
Leather: Togo
What do people say about Birkin Bags?

poshmama's recommendation

This is my absolute all-time favorite bag. I have it in camel and black. The style is classic, tasteful and modern. I adore it!


HappyBirthday's recommendation

Leo's love to be treated like royalty and they love to have very lavish and luxurious things. Kind of like this mega status symbol here, the Birkin bag by Hermes.


Sabah's recommendation

You can't call yourself a true shopaholic without a commemorative shopper; the Hermes is a classic and stylish number that works well for:
1. makeup samples from the beauty counter
2. a journal of your shopping travels
3. a digital camera to capture your next shopping conquest
4. plenty of room for snacks for an all-day affair


bluebell's recommendation

The classic status bag. Fashion, style, quality and timeless.


ilovesecondhandsmoke's recommendation

Classic, timeless, quintessential. Adored by fashionable grandmas and coveted by polished twenty-somethings.


OooLaLa's recommendation

A must have!!


invademycloset's recommendation

This is the ultimate handbag. The Rolls Royce of handbags...and I will definitely buy one SOON!!!


KRiSTOPHERDUKES' recommendation

Forget wasting your money on college, reconsider the mutual fund, invest in a Birkin bag. Classic luxury that retains its value. (via Joyce de Brevannes)