Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Birkin Blog Asks | Love it or hate it?

New Combination

Two-tone Birkin in pure white with blue jean trim, straps, and handles
My Birkin Blog Says | The Mother Earth is Calling

Recently I spot ladies carrying Birkin bags in earthy colors- like gray, dark green, camel, sand, elephant...

Is it because we are still in a long deep winter or those colors are just in?

My Birkin Blog Says | A Purple Eye Candy
Pharrell Williams

45 CM crocodile HAC in Purple

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Princess Madeleine is also running the way, with the Hermès Birkin bag ...


even if she happens to be in toksnygg mole-colored variant. Except that it had come with me to Madrid in the spring (see above), so of course it is also the obvious companion,


on your shopping trip at home in Stockholm.


Why The Hermes Birkin Bag Costs So Much Money

I was recently reading an article about Victoria Beckham's style, and one of the things mentioned was her Hermes collection. The article also stated that she pays tens of thousands of dollars for each bag! I guess that's like pocket change for posh spice, but it made me think about the obscene price of these bags and why this is so.

Big Bucks for a Birkin Bag

If you look through eBay, the average Hermes Birkin bag costs between $7,000 and $12,000. And this is without any custom-made features! How can this be? It all comes down to craftmanship. Birkin bags are made out of the finest and most exotic leather and precious metal, and they are hand made by craftsmen in France. It actually takes around 48 hours just to make one, so this is why the waiting list is years long.

Typically, the exterior features of a Birkin bag are made out of leather or crocodile skin, but crocodile skin tends to cost way more because the saltwater crocodiles they use aren't easy to come by. The interior lining is manufactured from goat skin that is specially tanned to match the color of the exterior. The signature lock, keys, buckle, and feet studs that adorn the bags are also made with precious metals such as gold or palladium.

Despite the fact that an Hermes Birkin bag is expensive, I would still highly recommend purchasing one because it is one of the few bags that actually appreciates in value over time. Usually, a bag only retains resale value as long as it is considered to be an "it" bag. In this case, you can spend $5,000 on a brand new birkin and expect to resell it for a hefty profit.

An Eye Candy
Sofia Vergara

Color: Gris Tourterelle
Size: 30 CM

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Birkin Blog Asks | Who's collection is this?
A Very Stylish Girl

P. S. This is an HAC Bag

Source: David Motta
My Birkin Blog Loves | Two Tone Birkins

My Birkin Blog loves the two tone Birkin bags. My favourite is the black leather with white canvas. It will be perfect for this coming summer- for trips, shopping, weekends... just perfect for everything.I was offered this brown-white combination two years ago but did not take it because I really wanted a black and white one.
Lindsay Lohan

40 cm Birkin Bag in Blue Jean

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Birkin Blog Says | O Canada

My Birkin Blog is here in Canada watching the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For sure I have to travel with my 40 CM black Birkin in Togo. Thank whoever created the Internet!
The Inside

My Birkin Blog Spots | 2010.02.17

My Birkin Blog spots Victoria Beckham making her rounds in New York City on Wednesday (February 17) carrying her crocodile Birkin bag.
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