Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Article | Jetsetters Capsule Collection | dopecouture.com

Out good friends over at DOPE recently launched their “Jetsetters Capsule Collection” which re-styles the famous, futuristic family with a slew of high-end designs and accessories. Dope merges the classic imagery of the characters we all grew up watching with hints of sophistication like the Margiela Sunglasses and the Hermes Birkin Bag.
Celebrity | Kelly Osborne 

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birkin Blog Says | Congratulations Marc!

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone are reported to be engaged. Nice Birkin Bag Marc!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Article | Hilary Duff black Hermes Birkin bag | shoppingandinfo.com

Hilary Duff was seen this past week shopping at Whole Foods and then paying a meter with her new black Hermes Birkin bag. I think the look is a little bit too old for her.

It is interesting when I see Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham with their various colors and sizes of their Hermes Birkins I think - ok...it makes sense they have so much money they don't know what to do with it. But, someone young like Hilary Duff with a Hermes Birkin just does not fit. I know she can afford the $8,000 bag, but does she really need that bag for status?

The ladies in Palm Beach carry it for status...with their $2,000 cashmere pants from Trillion ala Madoff... and people who are ultra wealthy like Victoria Beckham carry it because they can have 1 in every color, but Hilary Duff with her 1st Hermes Birkin at the age of 20 something... it just seems so odd looking. I like her with a Chanel Jumbo Caviar that seems cooler- more trendy even...This is not her best bag.
Celebrity | Naomi Campbell

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Article | Trompe L’Oeil Birkin: Hermes A/W 200 | closettherapyblog.com

So I completely missed NY Fashion Week but no matter, I’ll cover it after the majors, Paris Fashion Week. In today’s Hermes A/W 2009 show, Gaultier debuts what he’s dubbed as the “Trompe L’Oeil Birkin”… a simplified Birkin without the flap.

This immediately interested me as this is how I normally carry my birkin — with the flap tucked into the bag for easy access to the main pocket. It seems to be what these new Birkins look like, although I can’t tell yet from WWD’s images if he’s made any changes to the wrap-around strap and hardware in the front. Can’t wait to see though!
Celebrity | Sharon Stone

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birkin Blog Poll Results | 09.03.18-09.03.25

Does economy recession change your mind about getting a Birkin bag?

We have received 22 votes. The Results were:

Yes: 6 votes
No: 15 votes
Haven't decided yet: 1 vote

Article | Hermes Shoulder Birkin | purseblog.com

Hermes’ new designer Jean Paul Gaultier on the helm has redesigned the infamous ‘Birkin’ bag for spring/summer ‘05. This is no small innovation, given that the original is in such demand that there is a wait to get on the waiting list. But JPG’s changes work — now you can actually get the bag over your shoulder.
Due to its shortened height, the bag seems as long as an eighteen wheeler semi! Like Luella with her Baby Gisele, the logic step to an already successful handbag was to adding a shoulder design and appeal to a wider audience. Among the large variety of carry-alls that we’ve seen, this new shoulder Birkin sure is in contention for the throne. So damned appealing!
As shown on the right in the new “pumpkin orange” shade, the bag will go for £4,000 (~$7,500). Stores around the globe hesitated with the large orders for the bag, unsure about how the new low profile would appeal to the customer base. In addition, a limited production is running on these treasures as well. Hence, the new Hermes Shoulder Birkins are even more scarce than the legendary regular Birkins.
However, since Jean Paul’s line had been intro’ed last fall, US sales for Hermes went through the roof. Coincidence? Me thinks not.
Celebrity | Kelly Rutherford

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Article Hermes Birkin bag | shoppingandinfo.com

Just a quick post to let you know while in New York City I was surrounded by Birkin Bags on Black Friday. In my posh hotel they were gathering in the lobby for role call; orange, gold, brown, black,blue, with locks, without locks, diamond lock, silver hardware, gold hardware, flaps over, flaps in, leather, croc, ostrich, 30cm, 35cm, the travel size and so on. I actually banged into a Birkin or two.What's a shopper to do while shopping at ever so trendy boutiques and Birkins are charging at her? As I proceeded into a tres chic department store... more Birkins. Does everyone in NYC have a Birkin? Shoppers come in all shapes and sizes as do Birkins! All I know is that my Birkin had something very different inside.... it had a giant hefty black trash bag! Why you ask, well I left it's raincoat home! (speaking of hefty...the price tag for a Birkin!!!!!!)
Celebrity | Anna Kournikova

Monday, March 23, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Video | SNN_Sharon's 3M pesos bag_3-2-09 | Sharon Cuneta

After 30 years in the showbusiness, I think Sharon deserves to reward herself a 3M pesos Hermes Birkin bag. Why not?

Birkin Blog Says | The Video is hilarious.
Celebrity | Andre Leon Talley

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Article | Stars Addicted to The Hermes Birkin Bag | casualcelebritystyle.com

What would you do for a Birkin bag?

With price tag from $8000 to $80000 depending on leather many world’s richest and powerful women dream to lay their hands on the Birkin handbag made by Hermes. The Birkin bag is an exclusive product which officially has a waiting list of two or three years — or even as much as six years for special editions.

Hermes handbags remain among the most timeless fashion accessories. Widely considered to represent the pinnacle of elegance and good taste, these bags have rested on the arms of the world’s most glamorous women. The Birkin bag indicates woman’s social status, success and wealth, or else Hermes wouldn’t be selling her this bag.

Celebrities that have adopted the handbag, named after British actress Jane Birkin, include Julia Roberts, Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria, Sandra Bullock, Mariah Carey, Portia de Rossi, Jodie Foster, Elle MacPherson, Demi Moore, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie, Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey.

The fabulousness dangling from Julia Roberts’ arm is 40mm Vert Olive Birkin bag with gold hardware (click the image to enlarge).

Victoria Beckham doing mommy duty for her son Cruz in New York. Victoria is seen carrying a 35cm rouge Hermes Birkin bag. They say Mrs. Beckham has 100 of ‘em (click images to enlarge).

This Lindsay Lohan’s infamous orange Hermes Birkin bag is the one that allegedly had been stashed with $1 million worth of Lohan’s jewelry when it was stolen from her luggage cart in September 2006 at Heathrow Airport in London. The bag was later returned to Ms. Lohan by local British paparazzo (click the image to enlarge).

Celebrity | Tracee Ellis Ross

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Article | Katie Holmes and her Big Red Birkin Bag | thefashionpolice.net

Is it just me, or is Katie Holmes starting to look more like Anna Wintour with each day that passes? The bob, the ubiquitous dark glasses: it's all so very Anna, is it not? Actually, come to think of it, has anyone actually seen Anna Wintour recently? Because, you know what, I don't think I can remember the last time we had a picture of her, giving her icy glare to the camera. And why has Katie suddenly started carting around that oversized Hermès Birkin with her everywhere she goes? What's in it? Could it be... Anna Wintour? Eeek!

Celebrity | Ashely Olsen

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Article | Hermes Birkin, the handcrafted beauty of timeless elegance | articlenotes.com

It is known to all that only the richest and most famous woman owns her unique Hermes Birkin bag. The holy status of this bag relies on its inaccessibility. It is definitely not the thing of mass production, but the refined art painstakingly crafted by hand. Each Birkin bag consumes a lot of time and requires experienced craftsmanship. No doubt they are so limited that many people are willing to do anything just to get one. In addition, the sky-high price keeps many people away from this famous bag. It is the top quality and peerless craftsmanship that really makes this bag divinely renowned. Even if you have the money, you will have to stand a waiting list of at least 2 years.

Hermes Birkin bag is the combination of both elegance and function when it was born. Inspired by the British actress Jane Birkin’s complaining about her Kelly bag was impractical to hold all the stuff she wanted to take, Jean Louis Dumas, the president of Hermes, created a more functional bag together with Birkin. Thus, the Birkin bag has an inborn nature of mix of fashion and practicability.

Besides the signature leather such as togo and calf that Hermes used most for making their bags, ostrich and croc skin are the exotic leathers that are widely used. The craftsmen without much experience are only allowed to craft less expensive leathers. Only the best artisan with years of experience will work with croc or ostrich skin, because these leathers are very fragile and hard to process; they need much more care and feat, or the mistake would be very expensive. The most luxurious and expensive leather is porosus from Australia. It is the skin of a salty water crocodile.

Hermes Birkin bag is completely customizable, other than leathers, you are free to choose your favorite hue from extensive selection of colors. There are always Hermes classic colors available such as black, orange, dark gold and blue jean. Rouge, fuchsia, cyclamen, ink, taupe, potiron etc. are very hot color choices. According to your body figure and using purpose, you can have your bag made in 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 42cm or 50cm. Gold, silver and palladium are the very popular hardware for Birkin bags.

More and more ladies incline to buy bags with high quality materials and refined craftsmanship, rather than fancy designs or temporary fashion. Needless to say, Birkin bag fulfills any woman’s desire for her perfect bag. The materials are always the best of the best, and the craftsmanship is amazingly impeccable. Each detail is just properly done, which is a traditional feature of Hermes Birkin bag. You can tell a fake one just by a glance at a crooked stitching or a tiny spot on hardware.

Hermes refused to please mass market, but constantly make production of unique luxury and target at their core consumers. Therefore, Hermes Birkin is not just a handbag, but a worthy investment and one of the most collectable treasures. You can stop the envy of those wealthy celebrities by purchasing your own Birkin at www.eurohandbag.com. Here is the place you can save your time and money but be fully satisfied with high quality Hermes handbags.

Celebrity | Janet Jackson
Suede chowhide in brown with Palladium hardware

Monday, March 16, 2009

Article | Hermes Birkin | lux-stuff.com

The Hermes Birkin Bag is considered by some to be the Holy Grail of handbags. Named after actress Jane Birkin, the inception of the Birkin came about in 1984. Prices can range from around $7.000 - $15,000, depending on the leather or exotic skin, with a price tag far higher for a special edition.

Even the wealthiest women must wait for an exquisitely stitched Hermès Birkin bag, so to own one is an elite status symbol. You would be in the same company as Victoria Bekham, Nicole Richie and Brooke Shields. There is reportedly a waiting list of five years as the Paris workrooms only produce about 5 Birkins a week. Good things come to those who wait.

Celebrity | David Beckham

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birkin Blog Says | Birkin Bag's New Look | HERMES Fall/Winter 2009

In HERMES Fall/Winter 2009 fashion show, We saw Jean-Paul Gaultier gives Birkin bags a new look- the "Trompe l'oeil" Birkin. The straps and the flap are embossed on the leather outside. I am not sure if it is zipper or open top as I am still in shock of its new look. 

I am not sure "simplification" is always a good thing because I just love the original Birkin bags so much. I think the original Birkin bags are as good as any bags can be. They don't need to be added or taken away anything. 

 When Jean-Paul Gaultier was asked if this bag is priced lower than a regular Birkin, he turned to ask HERMES staff: " I don't know. Is it cheaper?"

Since I have not decided if I like it yet, I will ask you to decide. Are you as undecided as me? Leave me comment.


Article | Hermès RTW Fall 2009 | PARIS Fashion Week | March 11, 2009

In this economic climate, the venerable house of Hermès has managed to fly above the proverbial weather on the wings of its leathers, scarves and bags, which luxury consumers — or what’s left of them — clearly consider investment pieces with a guaranteed return. With that in mind, Jean Paul Gaultier delivered a fall collection full of bankable classics done with an aviator motif that underscored Hermès’ gravity-defying high-end power.

The theme, which was mostly a matter of styling, was chosen wisely. Not only did the Amelia Earhart angle allow him to flex Hermès’ strongest muscles — an amazing array of trenches, expertly tailored trousers and jackets and loads of fur trims — but it gave him ample room to stay on trend. Indeed, there were more than a few tony tough girls clad in some combination of leather leggings, slouchy knits and fetching bombers. Plaid scarf dresses and silk separates softened the mix, but this collection was really about the finest in ultraluxe outerwear. Gorgeous coats, long and short, were cut from luscious leathers, croc, astrakhan and thick cashmere, all of which, like Hermès, will stand the test of time.

Source: WWD

Article | Hermes | Billionaire Boysclub | Pharrell

Stopped by Hermes yesterday to pick up my new travel bag. Hermes is a world famous luxury goods company originally known for it’s leather goods including it’s saddles and famous silk scarves. This purple croc bag is a “Haut A Courroie” which is the original Birkin bag. This bag is a custom piece hand made in the Paris shop. The key chain was made by Jacob.

Celebrity | Kelly Brook

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Video | Poor Hermès Birkin Bag! | mymanybags.blogspot.com

Jane Birkin...on how to treat your precious Hermès Birkin Bag.

This clip is hilarious! Oh my..check it out. I wonder now, would any Hermes Birkin Bag owners do this to their precious Birkin bag. Hahaha. Apparently, Jane Birkin thinks otherwise.

And in case, you are wondering who this 'crazy french woman' is...

She is the person the iconic Hermes bag is named after. Hermes named and designed the Birkin Bag for her in 1984 after the actress was seen in 1981 by the head of Hermès struggling with several bags while boarding an airplane. The Birkin bag has since become one of Her.

Celebrity | Victoria Beckham

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birkin Blog Says | Bling My Birkin

Birkin Blog Says | A New Look

You are still looking at the same blog with the same blogger- me!. I am just tired of the old look since I have been looking at the blog thousands of times. I have chosen a cleaner look for the blog. The new logo will be added soon. Nothing will be changed besides a new look and a new logo. Please come back and visit again.


Article | Hermes Birkin 101 | BagSnob

The ultimate status bag, the Hermes birkin, is at the top of every girl's wish list. But to truly appreciate the birkin in all its beauty and to be worthy of its fabulousness is to be knowledgeable on everything about it. We all know Hermes bags are crafted by hand with the most amazing skins in the world. And by now even my housekeeper is aware of the secret blindstamp and craftsman id on the strap. But it is not just the Hermes stamp and logo that makes one a "Bag Snob"! There is so much about Hermes bags that make them the finest in the world. First, the tissue paper. I have had many conversations with various Hermes Managing Directors and they all love talking about the tissue paper. Apparently there are special tissue paper craftsman who spend their entire lives folding tissue paper for Hermes bags! They make little pillows for the birkin to rest upon and layers of "blankets" to protect it. It is suggested that you keep the bag exactly as the day you opened it, sleeping on the little pillow will allow it to keep its shape for life!

The stitching on Hermes bags is also unparalleled. It is so sturdy you can carry rocks in them! (or if you are the Bag Snob, 10 pounds of baby necessities). The stitiching is usually the first giveaway between faux or real. The real deal should have a very uniform and slight tilt to it while the fake is crooked and uneven.

All of the exotic skins also come with certificates, which is handy when traveling. Now what other bag has its own passport? For the true aficionados, try to get an invitation to tour the private Hermes museum next time you are in Paris and get a complete history of all things Hermes!

Celebrity | Carolyn Jeanne Bessette Kennedy

Friday, March 6, 2009

Birkin Blog Poll Results | 09.02.27-09.03.05

What do you spend most money on?

We have received 15 votes (Multiple Answers). The Results were:

Hermes: 10 votes
Louis Vuitton: 4 votes
Gucci: 1 vote
Prada: 0 vote
Chanel: 3 votes
Balenciaga: 3 votes
Dior : 2 votes
Coach: 0 votes
Burberry: 2 votes
Fendi: 0 votes
Chloe: 0 votes
Juicy Couture: 0 votes
Bottaga Veneta: 2 votes
YSL: 1 vote
Miu Miu: 1 vote
Marc Jacobs: 0 votes
Others: 1 vote

Article | Is Your Hermes Birkin Bag Real? | hubpages.com

Buy a Hermes Birkin Handbag from a reputable dealer.

Named for Jane Birkin, the French songwriter for whom it was designed, the Hermes Birkin Bag has been a high profile glamour bag of celebrities. This image was boosted on April 20, 2005 when a Crocodile Porosus Birkin Bag was sold on auction for almost $65000.

Because of the high profile high status image the Hermes Birkin bags carry, there are a lot of counterfeit Hermes handbags on the market.

How do you know that your Hermes Birkin Bag is genuine?

Here are the signs to look for:

The price is right- Hermes Birkin handbags usually go up in value, provided that they are in good shape. No Hermes handbag will ever be sold for less than 50% of its original price.

Craftmenship- Hermes Birkin handbags are handmade by expert craftsmen. The finished product is a work of art. If your bag has any flaw, you should question its pedigree.

The feel- The feel of superior leather cannot be reproduced or knocked off using cheaper materials.

The stamp- Your bag should have "Hermès Paris, Made in France" stamped in the front face under the tap

The mark- Your bag should have the craftman's mark indicating the date of creation located under the belt. The bag's condition should reflect the age of the bag.

The zipper tag- The interior leather zipper tag should be parallel with the zipper hardware.

Celebrity | Catherine Zeda Jones, Michael Douglas

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Article | A lesson on Hermès: Birkin vs Kelly | thoseextra4inches.com

Can you tell the difference between Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags? I thought about this on Monday when watching The Hills, seeing Heidi’s bag, and then realizing that I wasn’t sure which one it was.

I’ve never become obsessed with Hermès bags simply because they’ve never been in my price range (which is why I never really took the time to notice the difference in styles), but I do own a few of their scarves, twillys, a pair of lady gloves, and one of their fragrances. Since I didn’t know exactly which was which (and as a young fashionable person, I really should), I’ve put together a bit on the bags…

About both bags:

Prices for both begin around $7,000 and can go well beyond $50,000
Part of the price of all Hermès bags is the privilege to bring it into any boutique to be sent to Paris for a “spa treatment” where the bag, no matter how old or abused, will be bought back to the best possible condition…for an additional cost of several hundred dollars
Both bags can be customized to the buyers specifications
Locks and keys are number-coded
Lining is usually made of goat skin that matches the color of the exterior skin
Identifiable by their metal-tipped clasp, which can be closed with a tiny padlock (and the clasp’s hidden key often dangles from the handle in a leather sheath of its own)
Not sold online and never ever will be
Famous for their waiting lists - Remember on Sex and the City when Samantha used Lucy Liu’s name to score the red one faster?

The Hermès Kelly Bag:

Named after Grace Kelly
Became famous in 1956 when Grace Kelly (then Princess of Monaco) used one to shield her pregnant stomach from the prying eyes of the paparazzi
More formal than the Birkin
Comes in 5 different sizes (although possibly more from looking at the Fall runway show)
It takes a single craftsman about 18 hours to make one

The Hermès Birkin Bag:

Named after Jane Birkin (who has an interesting history with the company)
5 Birkins are produced a week at the Hermès Atelier in Paris
More casual than the Kelly & has a slightly younger more bohemian appeal
With an open top, it is easier to open than the Kelly
Both Jay-Z and Lil’ Kim have both rapped about the Birkin
I think I’d go with a Birkin, but which one do you like? Do you know anyone who carries either a Birkin or a Kelly? Do you think they are worth the price

Celebrity | Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony
Birkin: Crocodile Leather. Gold Hardware

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Classified Ad | Birkin Buy and Sell
Slightly used authentic HERMES Birkin Bag for Sale

Size: 35
Color: Blue Jean
Leather: Togo
Hardware: Palladium/Silver
Year of Purchase: 2006
Stamp: J
Percentage of New: 95% New
Measurements: length: W 35 cm/14”, H 28 cm/11”, D 18 cm/7”, Handle drop: 5”
Original Box: Yes
Original Dust bags: Yes
Original Rain Protection: Yes
Original Lock, Keys, and clochette: Yes
Original HERMES Store Receipt Provided? Yes
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Asking Price: $6,999.99 USD
Payments: PayPal, Money Order, Cashier's Check, Personal Check, 
Contact: dragonflytemple@hotmail.com

Extra Info.: this bag is used twice and is in perfect condition. Purchased in 2006 at HERMES boutique. Corners are in original retail condition, The plastic protections on hardware are still attached. Comes with ALL original HERMES extra pieces and wrappings. The original HERMES store receipt can also be provided.

Birkin Blog Says | This is paid classified ad. My Birkin Blog only provides a platform for the seller to place an ad. Please contact us: birkinblog@gmail.com if you wish to place an ad.

Article | Hot For Hermes | www.forbes.com

Fashion trends come and go, but a Birkin is forever.

It is no surprise, then, that one of Hermes' iconic bags recently sold for $24,000 at a Midwest auction.

A new Birkin bag purchased directly from an Hermes boutique runs about $7,500, if you can get one. Considered to be one of the few bags to hold or increase in value over time, the wait for a new Birkin can last many years. Therefore, many fashionistas and fashion collectors scour the auction market and high-end vintage stores hoping to discover a hidden gem.

Since each Birkin bag is crafted entirely by hand and takes weeks to produce, Abigail Rutherford, the Director of Vintage Couture and Accessories at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, was thrilled to watch three bags sell at her June auction in Chicago. The $24,000 black crocodile bag was in excellent overall condition and attracted multiple bidders. The final selling price was almost twice the pre-sale estimate.

Celebrity | Denise Richards

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Article | Area consignment shops are thriving in the down economy | www.washingtonian.com

The burnt orange-colored Birkin bag (center) sold for $6,000 at Inga Guen's shop over the weekend. The black Kelly bag (left) went for $3,000. 

Want to hear some good news about the economy for a change? At least one industry seems to be booming in the midst of economic apocalypse: consignment shops. “I’m recession-proof,” says Inga Guen, owner of Inga’s Once Is Not Enough.

Guen says in the past six to eight months, her consignment shop in DC’s Foxhall Village, which deals exclusively in high-end labels, has seen a dramatic increase in consignors—many of whom are first-timers—looking to sell their clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more for cash. The result? A store brimming with once-rare designer goods at a fraction of the price.

Birkin bags, the waiting-list-only handbags manufactured by Hermès, used to come into Guen’s shop about once a month. Now, she says, it’s once a week. Guen sells the bags for as little as $3,000—less than half of what they cost new.

Celebrity | Nicole Nichie

Monday, March 2, 2009

Birkin Blog Says| Jane Birkin's new CD and the International Tour 2009

Because of her, we now can enjoy the bag every woman is dreaming of. She inspired Hermes to make the bag that suited her lifestyle, ours too. By carrying Birkin bags, we are carrying her style, her stories, her music, and her inspiration.  Jane, we can't thank you enough for who you are. All the best of your new CD and tour. 

Jane's new album "Enfants d'Hiver" was released on 10 November, 2008. For first time she wrote all the texts herself.

A number of concerts will take place in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan... starting early 2009. From 12 until 15 March 2009 Jane will be at the prestigious concert hall LE PALACE theatre in Paris.

Please visit Jane Birkin's official site to see the dates.